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Jul 26, 2016

White Manta in Tioman 22nd-24th July 2016

As our 2016 Singapore season gets closer to it’s conclusion it’s easy to look back and marvel at how time truly does fly by! Throughout these past few months the WM Dive crew & our guests have had the privilege to enjoy some fantastic diving in both Malaysia and Indonesia, with conditions being better than average on every trip, of course the great company inbetween and after dives has also been out of this world!

And so it was with mixed emotions that we departed Punggol Marina Country Club on Friday evening, full of excitement and  hopeful for more excellent diving, but also  just a tinge of regret that this would be our last trip to Tioman for another year.  Luckily, as it has all season, Tioman provided us with some amazing highlights, both above and below the water! Friday night departures from Punggol are a relaxed affair, once all guests are onboard we set sail under the slowly setting sun for an overnight trip to Malaysia. We were given a leisurely view of the receding Singapore skyline as a safety briefing and boat orientation precede the first of many delicious meals! Divers join together to discuss tales of previous trips, raise a glass (or two) to toast tomorrow’s dives and wish lists of marine sightings are debated and collated.

Joining us on this trip we had a great mixture of returning friends and new faces, some coming to say goodbye to Tioman for another year, others coming to see the coral & marine life rich reefs for the first time. All would be rewarded with some stunning dives, whether new divers or old sea dogs Tioman would provide something for everyone. 

Waking up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning we started our diving adventures at Pulau Jahat, a rocky little outcrop just south of Tioman. Whilst we had expected less than perfect Visibility, we were all pleasantly surprised to find our selves in clear blue water, just a hint of current and plenty of Black Tip reef sharks! Jahat has been one of the highlight dive sites of the season, and this morning dive would be no different, Turltles, Nudis, Batfish, Jacks and Blue Spotted Stingrays joining the Black Tips in our divers logbooks! 

After a visit from Malaysian Immigration, welcoming us to Tioman, the rest of the day was spent day was dedicated to the famous dive, eat, sleep, repeat schedule!  At Renggis we found more Black Tips, seemingly paying close attention to our divers, Turtles and Cuttlefish wer other highlights. On to Chebeh where stunning rock formations plunging into deeper waters have provided a home for some of the most beautiful Hard and Soft coral gardens in the region, also, more black tips! Malang Rock was next where a sunset dive provided just the right light to enjoy the vast hard coral gardens and the turtles who feast on them, before heading back to Renggis for our Night Dive where both Black Tip and Coral Cat Sharks were happy to pose for photographers!

Before heading to bed for a well deserved rest the day was capped by more delectable food from our famous Thai Chef who continues to amaze with his ability to create 5 star gastronomic delights every meal!

Waking up before sunrise again on Sunday Morning we made a final visit to Jahat, everyone was happy to revisit this amazing dive site, whilst the sharks are popular and other  highlight species such as Bumphead Parrot Fish capture the attention, there is also a significant treasure trove of macro delights to be uncovered here, a fantastic place to say goodbye to the underwater world in Tioman for another year.

All the staff and crew here at White Manta would like to extend our Sincere congratulations to a number of our guests who took up the challenge to complete some PADI courses during this dive safari. We are happy to welcome to our diving family two new Junior Open Water Divers, Lottie & Gretta, along with Open Water Diver Anastasiya who were introduced to this new world by our Aussie Instructor Lillian.

Welcome to the World of Diving, Greta, Lottie & Anastasiya

Meanwhile Lottie and Greta’s Dads were busy completing their Advanced Open Water course with our Austrian “Terminator” Andreas. Finally one of our returning guests (and the photographer for this report) Jason Doery completed his Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty allowing him to achieve the rating “Master Scuba Diver”. Congratulations all, and good job!!

After the diving is completed the White Manta embarks on a full day sailing back to Singapore, giving our guests a chance to rest and relax, watch a movie, sunbathe, read a book or partake in a rowdy Karaoke session  over a few ice cold beers!

Thanks to all who joined us, it was a fabulous trip made more enjoyable by your company. Thanks to Jason Doery for the Photos and Matt Dossey  for this great little video. 

Best Fishes and Dive, Dive , Dive!

tioman-July16 from FLYLOW47 on Vimeo.

Best Fishes and Remember to Dive, Dive Dive!



Trip: WMS13
Author: Mike