KM Black Manta Trip Reports

Mar 4, 2013

Raja Ampat 19-25 Feb 2013

My 4th Raja Ampat trip. We have 16 Hong Kong and 2 American divers.  Very lucky to have  40m+ visibility in Misool Magic Mountain. (South Raja Ampat)

There were total 18 Manta Rays in 3 different dive sites.. Manta’s Sandy, Blue Magic and Batanta island.. also saw 4 devil Ray in Misools, more than 20 sharks  - Gray reef, Black / white tip, wobbegong,

I cannot remember how many Napoleon wrasse in total – countless, schooling Spanish Mackerel up to 50, schooling Barracuda, Bat fishes, Giant Jack, Big eye Jack.   The macro life here just like another Lembeh, top class.

 I have dive many nice places including Great Barrier reef, Maldives, Thailand, Andaman island India, Burma, Sipadan, Manado, Lembeh, Komodo, Sangalaki, most Malaysia islands, I can say Raja Ampat still stand up to my best after so many trips.