KM Black Manta Trip Reports

Mar 11, 2013

Raja Ampat Sardine Run!

Raja ampat has always been a celebration of nature's beauty. From the mesmerizing colours of its soft coral, sea fan forests and endless hard coral garden to the secret bays, thousands of odly shaped islands, white sandy beaches and clear water mangroves.

We have always mentioned about Raja Ampat underwater diversity but do you know that Raja Ampat is bird lover’s paradise as well? There are so many cockatoos, hornbills, osprey, birds of paradise and fregates living around the area. Beside the many fishes and birds species, there’s more surprise awaits to the lucky few.

This was one of the most memorable trip with full of surprises! Our speedboat driver, Adong saw a dugong while we were watching a ballet of Manta Rays underwater. The next day, we were surrounded by Minke Whales crusing by the boat. There are a few that pop up to the surface, just 10 meters away from us.


During the jouney back to Sorong, we get to witness thousands of Seagulls and Fregates hunting, diving and feeding on a ball of Baitfish. As if that wasn’t enough, two whales appeared and participated in the hunt, scooping the baitfish with their giant mouth! It was a like scene from the famous Sardine Run documentary, except this it was Baitfish!

Photos by Hadi Ismail, Great Ocean Diver