KM Black Manta Trip Reports

Jun 6, 2013

Beautiful Komodo

Once again, we had a beautiful week of diving in Komodo this trip. We had the pleasure of watching 2 gentle mantas hovering in front of us during our 2 dives at Manta Alley. 

Cannibal Rock never failed to surprise. In one dive, we spotted four giant frogfish, much to the delight of the divers. During our island visit, we didn't have to look much as we saw 5 Komodo Dragons on the beach, dipping in the water. We were also very lucky at Castle Rock with 15 white tip sharks putting up a show much to our delight.

We saw 3 grey reefs at Crystal Rock, 13 Mobulas and a manta at shotgun.  A schooling barracuda at Golden Passage, and more mantas at mantas on the moon. We also had a memorable last dive at batu bolong. 

Thanks to STONE, a talented  from Taiwan for the images below: