KM Black Manta Trip Reports

Oct 18, 2013

Hammerheads Galore!

This 10 days trip has been the best exploratory trip Black manta has ever had since we started our crossing trips.

We ventured in the heart of the Banda Sea in search of new fishy spot passing through the beautiful spice islands (Banda Islands). There, we found a few secret spots where schools of barracuda, jacks, loads of massive tunas congregate in abundance. Marine life at this new spots were mind-blowing. However, the highlights of this trip was the encounters with Hammerheads sharks, almost on a daily basis.

Beside the small school and indiviuals, we even passed through schools of Hammerhead in two different spots, one of which was made up of 200 individuals! The best part of these hammerheads sightings was almost all of them were at an average depth of 20 meters, sometimes as shallow as 5meters during our safety stop and in WARM water (28-29)!!!

Any trip to Banda Sea will not be completed without diving the famous site of Manuk with it's thousand of sea snakes and bubbling reef to make this exploration trip a truly special dive destination!

All our guests were extremely happy that most are already making plans for next year!