KM Black Manta Trip Reports

Dec 5, 2013

Raja Ampat 26 Nov - 2 Dec 2013

Another beautiful trip through Raja Ampat just ended. The trip started well in Misool, at Yillet with schooling barracuda during the checkout dive.

While the photographers were engrossed with shooting red and white pigmy seahorses, a white manta appeared out of the blue swimming near the group. It was a pleasant surprise to a start of a beautiful trip.

In the same afternoon, we had our first giant oceanic manta at Magic Mountain, surrounded by white tip and grey reef sharks. The next day, it was beautiful, below and above water, with the clear blue sky and sunshine throughout our speed boat tour in Balbulol Bay and its surrounding mushroom like islands.

After the night crossing to the north we spotted three wobeggong sharks in Yangeffo and a manta cleaning for an hour at Manta Sandy. No trip will be complete without observing the birds of paradise’s matings ritual. Once again luck was on our side with more than ten birds showing up and showing off.

On the last day, another giant oceanic manta make a quick appearance to just a few lucky ones and we had a great easy dive in the fish soup of Miskon Island. Overall, it was like more of a dream than a dive trip....