KM Black Manta Trip Reports

Nov 25, 2014

Raja Ampat 17-25 Nov 2014

This is our 3rd Raja Ampat trip of the season.Before we are back to Raja Ampat this season.I have one of the wish list that I want to see in Raja Ampat.The mobula rays feeding on Silverside’s baitball.I really wish I could see this phenomenon and captured the moment.

The trip start with very lucky day.We start the 1st day in Daram island,Misool south of Raja Ampat.One of the most beautiful reef and wall I ever seen.We spotted a big school of friendly Tall-fin batfish,Barracuda and all the reefs cover with fusiliers.Then we move to dive the famous seamount in Misool “Magic mountain”.Some group saw 2 Dolphins rubbing themselves on the seafan and 1 big black Reef Manta Ray come to greeting us at the cleaning station.Wow!That’s just the 1st day.


The most amazing dive of the trip happen in “Two trees rock” First we’re not sure what we gonna see on this divesite because we didn’t see much last time we dive here.But when we jump in the water and open our eyes!Boom!!!The phenomenon scene was just down below. One side of the reef cover with big Silverside’s baitball and about 12 Mobula rays swoop in and out the baitball with fastest speed. And we were lucky on that day with visibility.It’s the best visibility I ever have on this divesite.We spend the whole dive witnessed this phenomenon. And we decided to do it one more time on the 2nd dive and yes,it’s still there.

We celebrate the day with exploring the gorgeous lagoon in Babulol island.Cedric bring us to the pristine lagoon surround with the limestone cliff.We keep jumping in the lagoon and back with fulfilled heart.It’s time to say goodbye to Misool and we move up north to Dampier strait.

The 2nd half of the trip was great with variety kind of diving.Mangrove in Yanggefo,The fish soup in Cape Kri and we tried to satisfied you with Manta rays.We did Manta Sandy the famous Manta cleaning station in Dampier strait we saw 1 black Reef Manta ray. It’s still early for Manta season in there. So we tried another place in Batanta and about 4-5 Manta around gliding and get clean on top of our head. Such a beautiful dive.

It’s such a super experience trip in Raja Ampat and we can’t wait to leave the port in Sorong and start our Amazing trip again.

Nu Parnupong,
Videographer Black Manta Liveaboard.