KM Black Manta Trip Reports

Dec 20, 2014

Raja Ampat 13-19 Dec 2014

It’s coming to the last month of the year and we have been to Raja Ampat for a month already.Another great trip start again in the south of Raja Ampat “Misool”.The sea is so calm and flat like a summer lake this trip.We start the first day in the iconic dive site of Misool “Boo Window”.The beautiful swim through that created perfectly by nature and it’s Pygmy Seahorse galore.Bargibanti,Denise and Santaclause pygmy seahorse can see in one divesite here.We tried to find Manta in “Magic mountain” but not success.

The next day we move a bit up north to Farondi’s cave.At first jump we don’t feel so good about this dive because the visibility is a bit low and strong current.But when we get to the entrance of the cave something really amazing waiting for us.The massive Silverside’s baitball dancing in the current.Suddenly we saw school of Mobula rays about 20 of them gliding gracefully then speed up to swoop in the baitball again and again.This is Ahh-mazing experience.After the dive we take the speedboat tour to the Lagoon of Babulol and we never disappointed.

After the great experience in the south then we heading north back to Dampier strait.The first dive in Fishy Corner at Mansuar island.So many kind of schooling fish gathering on the reef,Red snapper,Barracuda,Jack,Midnight snapper,Fusilier-hence the name.2nd dive we looking for Manta ray in Manta Sandy.I have to say WOW! the best Manta show so far since we start the season.About 10 Manta spend time around the cleaning station.And after long waiting some action happen “The mating train”.Some big females were chased by smaller males with full speed and sometime turn direction immediately.She flipped,He flipped.She turned,He truned.It was such an exciting moment to see this beautiful creatures show acrobatic swimming skill underwater.

The rest of the trip we spend time in Dampier strait.We dive Cape Kri,Chicken reef,Sardine reef,Blue magic,etc.The highlight was the magical dive in Chicken reef that we just jump at the right time and right moment.When we jump it was slack tide and all the schooling fish gathering just on top of the reef.The biggest school of Surgeon fish,school of Barracuda,Red snapper,Oceanic trigger fish,Fusilier,Bumphead parrotfish,Black tip reef shark,Giant trivially.You name it we have it.We just spend the whole dive in the swarm of fish.We have such a great diving again in Raja Ampat but party is over and we cruise back to Sorong and counting the day to start our amazing trip again