KM Black Manta Trip Reports

Dec 28, 2014

Raja Ampat Xmas 2014

The Christmas coming!!!We can’t wait to dive with Santaclaus hat and make some fun underwater.This trip we start easy first day in Dampaier strait and it’s full of fish!


We love to swim in the swarm of fish.Sardine reef,Blue Magic it's full of fish action.So many fusilier hang around in the blue feeding in the current and suddenly you’ll hear the sound of fish thunder!.When a thousand of fish move rapidly at the same time its created the cracking sound like a small thunderbolt!It’s very fascinating to watch the school of fusilier run away from the predator like Giant Trevally,Blue Fin Trevally,Spanish Mackerel.Not only schooling fish we love to find the critter in the unique muck divesite Soanek’s jetty also.We even do 2 dives there.We spotted many good stuff like Star gazer,Indian Walkman,Cackatoo waspish,Bobtail squid and the popular nudi species for Macro lover now.The tiny nudi “Costasiella kuroshimae” the sapsucking slug that look like a green sheep grazing on the algae.We can find it in here too!

Then we move north to Penemu.We can’t miss the famous divesite of the area like “Melissa’s Garden” and today the condition is so great.Good visibility and little current that bring all colorful Anthias dancing in the blue to feed the plankton.The reef top of this divesite is the great example of the richest hard coral reef in Raja Ampat.The vast field of all kind of Hard coral in perfect condition.Look closer to the reef,Wobbegong shark hiding under the rock and it’s well camouflaged waiting to ambush the prey.We found a few of Bargibanti and Denise pygmy seahorse as well.And we can’t miss to visit the famous viewpoint in Penemu now.

Next day we move to Yanggefo,1st dive at Mayhem the seamount that full of life.We saw 2 octopuses start mating ritual!!!We’re so excited to witnessed this rare behavior.Then we dive a unique Mangrove ridge and Citrus ridge.We saw a pair of Robust Ghost Pipefish,Signal Goby,Cuttlefish and Solar power nudi “Phyllodesmium longicirrum” A huge nudi around 12 cm. just crawling on the sand and look perfectly like a  piece of Soft coral.We decided to stay and do night dive in Yanggefo and not disappointed we found Pikachu nudi,Hairy shrimp and the rare pygmy seahorse “Satomi Pygmy Seahorse” The pygmy seahorse that come out only in the night and probably the smallest species of Pygmy seahosre.Then we have a Christmas’s eve dinner in such a nice and calm protection of Yanggefo.

Merry Christmas!!!We celebrated Christmas at Manta Sandy and Wow! 6 Mantas or more appear at the same time and after the dive we saw them around the surface feeding the plankton.We don’t miss a chance to snorkeling with them after the dive.We move to Dampier strait on the next day to dive Cape Kri with the massive school of Sweetlip.The guests want to do something special for the kids in the village.We bring the dolls and t-shirt to donated to the local village around Waisai in Waigeo island.Such a great moment to be a Santaclause for the Papaun kids,the future of the Papaun.

The last day we tried to find Oceanic Manta Ray in Blue Magic because we saw some Manta jumping on the surface that’s a good sign that they start coming now.And we saw 2 Giant Manta for the first time of the season.It’s such a nice way to end the trip and heading back to Sorong.

Merry Christmas,

Nu Parnupong, Videographer Black Manta Liveaboard