KM Black Manta Trip Reports

Jan 15, 2015

Raja Ampat 8-15 JAN 2015

This trip we have the guests from all over the world China,America,Singapore,Holland.So we smell it’s gonna be fun trip and we start it in Dampier strait.

First day in Mike’s point ,Blue magic and Mioskon is already amazing with overwhelming school of Fusilier,Jack,Glass fish,Yellow Snapper,etc.So we continue to make it even more fantastic on 2nd day we dive Chicken reef in the morning.It’s one of the seamount in the Dampier strait and when we take a plunge it’s beautiful day with sunny sky and clear visibility.The white sand slope decorated with big bommies that cover with many glass fish and school of Sweetlips.We keep moving on and then we saw the huge school of Bumphead Parrotfish.One of the biggest school I ever seen in Raja Ampat area with more than 50 of this green giant in every size and some of them changing color and a bit aggressive for mating ritual.We keep moving slowly with them and watch this graceful parade and they stop to grind the hard coral for breakfast.Suddenly I heard the Boom!!! sound underwater 2 times and it’s so loud enough to scare all the fish and divers around.I thought it sounds like dynamite fishing but Cedric told us later that he witnessed the 2 male big Bumphead parrotfish do the intense headbutt, hence the name. 2 of them swim from distance and strike each other with the forehead created the sound of impact like a dynamite 2 times!!!It’s unbelievable how powerful of this shy monster.We agree that next time we will pay respect to this animals more.Next dive we did Manta Sandy and about 4-5 Manta is showing up after that the wind start to get stronger according to the weather report.But we have no problem to move to the North in Penemu to do one more dive in My reef and then the view point experience in Penemu.

The next day according to the weather forecast we heading to South in Misool.Start from Farondi cave that was good with dozen of Pygmy seahorses.Denise,Santaclause ,Bargibanti and in the cave we always can find the electric fire clam that show amazing light dancing on their mantle.Then we move to further south on Yilliet island and anchor day for calm sleep.We wake up and move to do first dive in the seamount name “Four kings” it’s so beautiful with canyon between two pinnacles and full of soft coral, seafan and schooling fish.We coming back to the Wayilbatan area for “Wedding cake” and “Barracuda rock” the small mushroom islets but underwater it’s the massive divesite with wall and overhangs.Nice color of soft coral,seafan.Small baitball of Silversides with some Mobula rays around.And then we dive “Neptune Fantasea” or the seafan passage it’s the narrow passage between 2 islands the most stunning wall in the area cover with massive giant sea fans like it’s endless and we just drifted and enjoy the scenery in the channel.

Then we make the end part of the trip in great divesite like Magic Mountian,Boo Windows,No contest and the last day we explored the secret lagoon in Babulol.Such a nice speed boat ride before we make a long cruise back to Sorong to send you home. See you next time.