KM Black Manta Trip Reports

Jan 26, 2015

Raja Ampat 18-25 Jan 2015

Welcome our friend this trip Micheal’s group from Hongkong.We plan to start the trip from the most beautiful place in Misool area “Daram”.

The easy first day start with divesite like Living colors,Andiamo and we dive one pinnacle that we did explore dive last time.We name it “Batu Mimpi” its means Dream Rock because we feel like we diving in our dream in such a beautiful pinnacle that we lucky to discover it.The number of healthy seafan and all colorful soft coral make all the divers in awe when we did the first jump here.Then we do 2 more days in Misool famous site Magic Mountain,Boo windows and Nudi Rocks.And can’t miss the beautiful speed boat ride in the lagoon of Babulol.Now it’s time to move up north.

We wake up and jump in the beautiful site like “Melissa’s garden” one the most beautiful hard coral reef in Raja Ampat.We didn’t dive here last trip but I remember where’s we found the yellow frogfish and super fat Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse last time.So I just go and check.It’s still there the cute yellow frogfish still there and just nearby 3 seafan with maybe 12 Pygmy seahorses in total.Don’t need to move a lots to make the dive productive and finish dive in coral garden in shallow for safety stop.Beautiful!!!The weather looks great we don’t miss this opportunity to visit the famous Penemu viewpoint terrace.We finish a beautiful they by anchor in the peaceful Yanggefo and do night dive there.Walking sharks!Finally all the guests happy to see this endemic epaulette shark of Raja ampat.

We start the next day in Citrus ridge a good combination wide angle and macro for photographer.Beautiful orange soft coral and lots of macro stuff like cuttle fish,signal goby nudibranch and lots of pipefish.And we hunting for Manta ray in Manta Sandy.It was ok about 4-5 Mantas around so we spare sometime to find the critte around the sandy slope while we keep watching Manta's show.Pegasus seamoth,Hairy shrimp,Pygmy pipe horse around there.So you can enjoy Manta and all this critter in one single dive.We move on to Dampier strait in Mike’s point and sunset dive in Friwinbonda.

The last day we make the guest happy ending by try our best to find the Oceanic Manta in Blue magic.And we didn’t disappointed.When we jumped the current start to get strong but we could manage it not too bad and we keep stay in shallow area to check the cleaning station.I drifted until nearly the end of the seamount.I saw a shadow of something quite big.It’s Giant Ocenic Manta.We’re so happy and look like she is so friendly.The massive female Manta probably reach 5 m. wingspan spend the whole hour to gliding on of the divers in an out.Everybody just find the safe place to hang o  and enjoy the Manta ray’s experience.This female Manta gliding on top of everyone slowly and make everybody forget to look at the rest of this divesite that actually many Wobbegong sharks around,Big school of Jack,Barracuda,Spanish Dancer,Glass fish.Everybody came up with the face full of smile.When you have the best experience with this majestic creature like 5 meter Oceanic Manta Ray you’ll understand why you can’t stop smiling.

It’s time to going back home and prepare to plan your next trip with Black Manta soon.