KM Raja Manta Trip Reports

Feb 3, 2015

WMT18 Similans 31st Jan-4th Feb 15

With Christmas and New year celebrations already a distant memory, the Thailand season onboard MV White Manta rolls on. The weather is beautiful, conditions underwater fantastic and the ‘Big Fish’ are around! This trip’s highlight, a stunning interaction with a Giant Manta cruising over Koh Bon ridge, was enjoyed by every guest onboard, providing a perfect post holiday season gift as we enter the second month of the year 2015.


Spending time on a dive with one of the wonders of the underwater world is an experience we as divers should never take for granted. The graceful manta ray, it’s huge presence dwarfing the surrounding divers, is a picture of poetry in motion. It’s huge wings barely move as it glides over the reef and gradually moves closer and closer to the strange bubble making visitors, checking us out, eye to eye contact a real connection is made, and for those fortunate few divers who get the opportunity to meet a Manta, it is a moment in time never to be forgotten. It also reminds us how important the issue of marine conservation is and how every diver should do all they can to help protect these magnificent creatures! 


Enjoying the fabulous Similan Diving with us onboard MV White Manta we were happy to welcome guests from across the globe once again! Our multinational team of divers hailed from India, Australia, Russia, Germany, Singapore, Japan and Korea..the United Nations of Diving!!


Whilst the Manta Ray obviously was a huge highlight, the rest of the trip provided some incredible diving experiences, the lush reefs of Richelieu rock, some fantastic displays of mating Octopus, macro delights such as sea horse and pygmy pipe horses, densely populated schools of barracuda,jacks and trevallys, snappers and batfish, nudibranch, shrimp, moray eels and cobia.. all delighting our divers over a five day safari.


Of course the highlights of a diving safari onboard MV White Manta are not limited to the underwater activities, our food and service is considered to be the best in the SImilans, our Chef, Ting, continually cooks up some amazing, mouth watering meals along with some super indulgent deserts whilst our crew take care of every last detail to ensure maximum comfort and safety throughout the trip.


If you would like to experience the Similan Islands at their best, check out our schedules and make your booking today!