KM Raja Manta Trip Reports

Apr 18, 2015

'Water' lot of madness.. Songkhran on White Manta

Celebrating Songkhran the Thai New Year onboard MV White Manta

 April not only signals the end of the Similan season in Thailand, it also ushers in the Thai new year, with the Songkhran festival. It is a wonderful time to visit Thailand as spirits run high, water fights explode on every street corner, the wether is hot and balmy and the frisson of change hangs in the air as the monsoon wet season approaches.


It is also a fabulous time to dive the Similan Islands, in-fact it may just be the best time of the year to visit and dive this amazing destination. Whilst rain clouds occasionally threaten brief blasts of rain, the blue skies and hot sun still rule the skies, underwater the crystal clear visibility is as good as at any other time during the year and as we are in the tail end of the season there are fewer crowds to contend with, making it easier to enjoy the wonders of the Similans without worrying about meeting large group of divers from other boats.. it’s perfect!


This trip our guests hailed from Thailand, India, China, Brazil, Australia and Ireland, all united by a love of diving and an enthusiasm for adventure!!


From day one the diving was of world class standard, with the turquoise blue waters offering upwards of 20m visibility, the reefs teeming with fish, and the relaxing conditions with minimal currents provided the perfect environment to enjoy a superb White Manta dive safari.


Perhaps the highlight dive site of this trip was Tachai Pinnacle, over two dives at this site we enjoyed almost perfect conditions, a mild current swept across the boulders that form this impressive pinnacle, encouraging huge schools of yellow-back and neon fusilier to crowd across the landscape, enveloping our divers within schools of whirling colour, whilst large groups of Giant and Blue fin trivially gathered around these schools, herding and hunting amongst the rocks in dazzling displays of speed and agility. Amongst all this action a resident Great Barracuda kept a watchful eye, ready to join the action, whilst also approaching and checking out our divers at close quarters! Check out these pictures of our friendly Barracuda getting up close and personal with a few of our guests!!!


The season is almost over but the diving is world class, if you need a scuba fix in the next few weeks get in touch with Max and book a last min deal..otherwise book your place now for next season starting in November!


We can’t wait to show you around this paradise!!!