KM Black Manta Trip Reports

Jun 18, 2015

Komodo 11-16 Jun 2015

The trip highlight from Black Manta Liveaboard trip 11-16 JUN 2015


Batu Bolong or Current city is one of the most beautiful divesite in Komodo.Amazing color and life,bazillion of anthias swim around the wall and multicolor reef.This trip we dive this place with perfect condition clear water and perfect lighting.

Manta in Manta on the moon is waiting for us as usual.And night dive in Komodo never disappointed us.The holy grail "Rhinopias" that we found last trip still there and a few of nice color frogfish around.

Thanks to Underwater Resident group from Singapore.
Thanks to all the guests who join amazing trip with Black Manta Liveaboard