KM Black Manta Trip Reports

Jun 10, 2015

Komodo 04-09 Jun 2015

Black Manta Liveaboard return to the seven wonder of nature "Komodo National Park".Where we fly in the current with Manta ray,Napoleon wrasse,tons of fish and sharks.

We lucky to see 2 rare Rhinopias or Lacey scorpionfish "The holy grail" of its kind in the south of Komodo.The unique color of the reef in the south of Rinca and load of nudibranchs.The water temp drop to 23-24 in the south of Komodo but it's worth to see Manta gliding in Manta alley.

We finished trip with Dragon walk in Loh Buaya,Rinca island.We lucky again to witness the Dragon's fight! When 2 big male standing up and wrestling until one drop.It's a rare chance to witness this behavior.

Thanks to all the guests who join amazing trip with Black Manta Liveaboard

Thanks to Pak Bona Djalins for aerial footage of Komodo in this video.

See you next time