The World Heritage listed Komodo National Park is one of the most iconic diving destinations in Indonesia. Its popularity grows exponentially with every passing season and keeps guests coming back for more with its unique blend of adrenaline pumping current fueled dives, stunning coral reefs, beautiful scenery and of course the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo Dragon. Whether you love big fish or are a macro enthusiast, Komodo truly has something for everyone, Manta, shark, turtles, eagle ray and even dolphins can be spotted in crystal clear blue waters of the North, while all manner of macro megastars can be spotted in the cooler, nutrient rich waters of the Southern areas of the park.

Sample Itinerary

Note; all schedules are subjected to changes according to weather, sea, diving, & local conditions.

Day 1.  (1-2 dives) 3pm. Our staff will meet you upon your arrival to Bima Airport and transfer you to Blue Manta. Depending on arrival time, we do check dive and night dive in Bima Bay.

Day 2.  (4 dives) North Komodo; dive around the thriving reefs of the active Volcanic Island of Sangeang, at Hot Rocks & Deep Purple, then onto Gili Banta & Batu Moncho for stunning reefs & possible Manta sightings.

Day 3.  (4 dives) South Komodo; Manta Alley to fly with mantas, Cannibal Rock, Torpedo Alley at Nusa Kode. 

Day 4.  (4 dives) North Komodo; Castle Rock, Crystal Rock, & Shot Gun at Gili Lawa Laut.  Pinnacles, drift dives full of action with hunting fish; jacks & sharks!

Day 5. (4 dives) North Komodo; Tatawa Besar & Kecil, Siaba Kecil, & Wainilu.  Tons of Anthias, Napoleon wrasse, sharks, & excellent night dive.

Day 6. (2 dives) North Komodo; Batu Balong & Mantas on the Moon (Makassar Reef).   This followed by a walk on the wide side in search of Komodo Dragons, and trekking on one of the local Islands.   Then we sail towards Labuan Bajo, where you spend last night on Blue Manta in Bajo Port.  Plenty of time to wash & dry equipment, rest & relaxation, and if need be, an early flight on Trip Departure day.

Day 7.  (0 dives) 5am-12pm; Check out after light breakfast & farewells, we transfer to local hotel or airport in time for Check-in & flight.  Take your pre-booked flight from Labuan Bajo to Bali. 

Diving days: 6 days (18 dives)

Embarkation / Disembarkation

  • Bima (BMU) / Labuan Bajo (LBJ), Western Flores

How to get to Bima (BMU), West Nusa Tenggara

How to get from Labuan Bajo (LBJ), Western Flores

Dive Site Information

  • Water Temp; South 22-26 degrees Celsius, North & Central 26-28 degrees Celsius
  • Air Temp; 25-30 degrees Celsius
  • Visibility; 20-40 meters,
  • Current; medium to strong
  • Level; intermediate to advanced,
  • Best Time to Dive; start of May to end of October

What's included?

  • Round trip transfer local Hotel/Airport - Boat
  • All nights' accommodation on Boat
  • All meals (Western & Indonesian) snacks, hot beverages, coffee, tea, Milo, soft drinks
  • Towels, toiletries, & cabin services
  • FOC replacement if equipment breakdown
  • Warm towel & drink after every dive
  • Regular Air Tank, weights, belt, 5 dive guides (1x Instructor, 4x Dive Masters)

What's excluded?

  • All flights & hotels stay
  • Marine Park & Harbour fee  
  • Dive & Travel insurance
  • Massage services
  • Laundry services
  • Nespresso coffee, alcohol; beer & wine
  • Satellite Wi-Fi
  • Diving Gear; dive computer, torch, 15L tank rental, BCD, regulator, wetsuit, fins mask.  
  • Nitrox Enriched Air fills
  • Note; Nitrox & Diving Gear Items priced per diving day and are subject to availability.
  • Note: Exposure suits; 3mm shorty wetsuits available ONLY.   

Blue Manta Trip Schedule

  • Departure; 3pm, 1st Day -Bima, Pulau Sumbawa.  Or earlier if everyone arrives before and all Trip Preparations have been completed.  Free transfer from local hotel or Muhammad Salahuddin Airport, Bima to Blue Manta on Trip Departure day.
  • Return; 5am, Last Day - Bajo Port, Labuan Bajo, Western Flores. After a light breakfast and fond farewells, we take you to local hotel or Komodo Airport in time for Check-in & flight (transfer time 15 mins).  Note; latest Blue Manta Check-out, midday.
  • Last dive ends; 12pm, Penultimate Day, followed by a walk on the wild side in search of Komodo dragons, then sail back to Bajo Port for late evening.  This allows for your minimum 18 hours' surface interval/ No Fly Time (as recommended by PADI) before flying next day.

Blue Manta Reminders

Domestic Flights

  • Domestic flights; please book BEFORE confirming your International flights to ensure you make your connection to Bima & from Labuan Bajo.
  • Domestic airlines; some do not allow non-Indo credit card online payments. If you cannot book direct we can recommend a local Indonesian travel agent, who are reliable and efficient and can help you with all flight & hotel needs. Their details on request. If booked with credit card please ensure the card is with you upon Check In or have an official Airline form filled in & signed by card holder authorizing the use of.
  • Our ticketing agents are not responsible for any flight delay or cancellation, luggage lost or delay.
    Early Arrivals; we can help recommend local hotels where we can pick you up on Trip Departure day. If needed transfers can be arranged for a nominal fee. Day of trip all included.
  • Luggage Allowance; most airlines allow 10-20kg/pax check, & 7kg carryon.  Additional weight is charged per/kilo (USD2-3/kilo). Maximum allowance between 20-30kg. Check the link for more details and additional flight info. Consult with our Travel Agent or Airline carrier (if booking directly) for actual details. 

Travel Documents

  • Note; late receipt of Passport details may very likely lead to delayed departure & significant changes to the itinerary.  We MUST receive guest’s details well in advance in the trip.
  • Visa Exemption or Visa on Arrival (VoA); many countries now receive a free 30 days on arrival, some pay USD35 to obtain VoA, others will have to obtain Visa BEFORE Arrival.
  • Passport; ensure your passport is in good order, has enough pages, is valid for at least 6 months, and that you are able to enter Indonesia.   Check with your local Indonesia Embassy if unsure.
  • Departure Tax; Indonesia Passenger Service Charge (IPSC) has changed (Mar-2015) to be included in your flight ticket price.  Please check though as previously it was 200,000IDRp to leave Indonesia, & up to 75,000IDRp for Domestic flights.  Carry small bills, Indonesia Rupiah preferred, as often no change given.

Health & Insurance

  • Dive Insurance; compulsory for this trip.  We also strongly advise you get adequate travel insurance. Please check your travel insurance policy for your diving needs.  If not covered them we recommend DAN (Divers Alert Network) or their Asia Pacific branch.
  • Dive Computer; compulsory on this trip.  We have rentals onboard if you do not have.
  • Follow Safe Diving Practices at ALL times plus No Deco Diving and No Solo Diving.
  • Travel Insurance; please NOTE: we cannot be held accountable for airline flight changes, delays, or cancellations.  We STRONGLY advise you take out adequate insurance to cover such eventualities.  We recommend World Nomad for their flexible worldwide cover for travel insurance.
  • Exposure Suit; recommended to bring your own 5mm long semi-dry, rash-vest & hood for Southern Komodo cooler waters (between 22-26 degrees Celsius)

Internet/ Mobile

  • Satellite Wi-Fi
  • Mobile signal; local Telkomsel is best local card to buy.  Not long after you leave port we have has intermittent/ limited mobile signal until we return.
  • Telkomsel simpati bsim card is the best and cost only 3usd. Plus credit to add on top!!!

Trip Extras payment onboard

  • By Credit card comes with 4.5% additional handling fee.
  • By Cash we accept US Dollars, Euro, Singaporean Dollars, and Indonesian Rupiah.  Please ensure ALL bills are in good order; NOT worn or torn and unmarked or we are UNABLE to accept.  Exchange rates differ for USD100/50 bills and USD20/10 bills. Current Exchange rate. ATMs available in town.
  • Fuel Surcharge; NO fuel surcharge in place at this time but may be implemented to account for any wide fluctuations.

Trip Extras

  • Marine Park & Harbour fee; US$200 per person.
  • Massage US$35/ hour, Laundry services (US$5/ basket)
  • Nespresso coffee: US$2, beer US$4, wine US$30-50
  • Satellite Wi-Fi US$30 for trip per person.
  • Nitrox; US$15/ diving day or US$5/ fill.

Equipment rental

Diving Gear; Full Set USD50/ diving day (except Large tank) or if individual items then following rates apply per diving day*

  • BCD US$12
  • Regulator US$12
  • Dive Computer US$12
  • Wetsuit US$8
  • Fins, Mask US$5
  • Large Tank US$12
  • Torch* US$12/ night dive.

Diving Gear Items priced per diving day* and is subject to availability.  Note; Torch rental* priced is per night dive.