Diving in Pulau Aur

Pulau Aur and Pulau Dayang are two islands in close proximity to each other and offer a wide variety of dive sites. Whale Sharks and Manta Rays have been spotted here from time to time swimming around the shallow reefs and above the deep trenches of these islands.

Captain Point

Location: Northern Tip of Dayang
Maximum Depth: 25m
Best Diveable Depth: 10-18m
Visibility: Can get really good
Aquatic Rating: 7.5
Difficulty: Open Water 

Captain Point is one of those sites that can be dived in a multitude of conditions. At slack tide it is an easy dive for open water students and can also work well as a drift dive down into Telok Jawa. However, when the seas are rough this can be a difficult area to extract divers from and there is nowhere to place a descent line. Also, watch your depth when doing your safety stop as you might find yourself caught in the surge. 

Many varieties of reef fish can be found here and anything from Manta Rays to Dugongs have been spotted as well. Two other great dive sites, Telok Jawa and Rayners Rock, are situated a short distance away and easily accessible from Captain's Point.

Telok Jawa

Location: The corner, as you face south from Captain Pt. Or the corner in the distance, to the right of Rayners.
Maximum Depth: 14 meters
Best Diveable Depth: 8-12m
Visibility: Good, not really tide related. Great in brillant sunshine.
Aquatic Rating: 5
Adventure Rating: 5 

Although this site does not make an adventurous dive, it is a great spot for certifying new divers. Telok Jawa has a reasonable coral population and small fish. This site might seem uneventful to some, but for divers who have discovered the art of shallow diving, Telok Jawa holds a quiet appeal. It is a great spot for some serious videographing as this site is close to the surface. The natural light highlights unique rock and coral formations. Look at the sand patches for blue spotted stingrays and the edges of the coral breakage for frogfish. Telok Jawa is also home to a few resident morays.

Telok Jawa is also a safe spot to pick people up on a drift dive from Captain Point, as there is little or no current to speak of due to the sheltered rock corner. 

Rayners Rock

Location: Just outside the Northern End of the Dayang Channel
Maximum Depth: 40m
Best Diveable Depth: 18m
Visibility: Exceptional
Aquatic Rating: 8
Difficulty: Advanced Divers 

One of the most exciting dive locations Aur / Dayang has to offer. Rayners Rock has the element of suprise - divers can never tell what will show up. This site is primarily known for its pelagic species.

There is a resident Wrass at this particular site who spends his time swimming round the rocks. Occasionally during the start and end of session, divers may be able to sight mantas or whale sharks. They usually come up close to the rock at a depth of about 17 to 18 m. Generally if you head out to the open sea while keeping the Rock in view, you will be able to find schools of jacks and Barracudas. The barracudas are known for heading closer in towards the rocks. Venturing further out into the open, divers will also find giant trevallys. The difficulty level of the dive site varies, and newly certifed open water should not attempt to head out to the open sea. Emperors, Angels, Napoleon Wrasses, Groupers and the odd nudibranch can be found around the Rock.

Plenty of Sea fans and soft corals can be found between the rock formation but be wary of the surge and currents if swimming between the rocks. 

Crocodile Rock

Location: Northern Tip of Pulau Aur.
Maximum Depth: 14m
Best Diveable Depth: 10m
Visibility: Good
Aquatic Rating: 5
Difficulty: Easy/Open Water 

This is a relatively easy dive site. It is named Crocodile Rock because it looks like the snout of a crocodile. A shallow dive, it is an ideal site to take Open water students and snorkellers. Lots of little fish here with the occasional Emperor and Batfish. Watch the tide as the current can whip through the channel quickly. Crocodile Rock is ideal for night dives as well.


Location: South East side of Aur, Marked by a buoy.
Maximum Depth: 30+ meters
Best Diveable Depth: 12 meters
Visibility: Variable depending on the tide.
Aquatic Rating: 8
Adventure Rating: 8 

One of the better spots to dive at Dayang, Pinnacles offers substantial variation both in the dive type and species of fish in this location. The pinnacles are formed by 3 large rocks that lie just below the surface and have a wonderful array of barracudas, morays and sometimes, Mantas. Ever present are the batfish and large populations of fusilers and damsels. Reef and Nurse Sharks have also been spotted at the Pinnacles.

Pinnacles also has beautiful sea-fans and corals that catch the particlate that flows in the current. The diversity is nothing short of stunning and it seems to have thrived even under the threat of the local fishermen.