One of the very best Liveaboards I have experienced

Mar 8, 2017,
Trip: Blue Manta trip BLRA09; 13th - 21st February 2017 Author: Michael Honstein

I just wanted to thank you again for all that you did to make this dive trip one of the very best I have ever experienced. 

I enjoyed meeting and getting to know new friends on this trip, as well as re-establishing friendships with those that I already knew. A trip like this makes me want -to dive more! I certainly won’t wait another 2½ years for my next dive. 

The diving on the trip was incredible. Michael, the Dive Master that led our group, is one of the best I have dived with. He showed us so many incredible macro creatures on every dive. Plus, he’s just a really nice guy. Each of the 26 dives that I did was special. Of course, getting to see a whale shark, 3 pelagic manta rays and innumerable other sharks, along with diving the fantastic swim-thru and unbelievable cave were pretty special as well. Michael and Cedric, along with the other Dive Masters and crew, were all were all very professional and helpful in every way. I would dive with any of them again and hope to do so some day in the future. 

The Blue Manta is a very luxurious and comfortable ship, obviously designed with diving in mind. The crew and other staff couldn’t have been more customer service oriented. Being a person with diverse tastes, I really enjoyed the local dishes served at meal time. 

Again, thanks so much for  this incredible experience!

Michael Honstein

Blue Manta & Banda Sea; Incredible diving, amazing boat!

Oct 2, 2016,
Trip: BLRING1 15-25 September 2016 Maumere-Ring of Fire-Banda Sea Author: Anna

I had a really lovely time on board the Blue Manta and my word, what a comfortable boat she is!  The diving was incredible, with the Banda Sea and Forgotten Islands for sure places I would like to come back to.  

The crew were all great, very friendly and very helpful - I've never been on a boat where someone washes my wetsuit after every dive!!  Thank you so much to all of them for their never-ending hard work, always with a smile. A special and very huge thanks to the chefs who always made sure I had more than enough to eat with my "special dietary requirements"  I really appreciated their continued effort a lot!!  And I have to make a special mention of fresh salad every meal for every single day, I don't know how they managed to keep it so nice and fresh but it was really a very nice addition to the meals.

The boat is super comfortable!  The cabins are insane - bigger than most hotel rooms :-)  And been kept very nice and clean every day.  I thought it would be nice to change the cabin towels half way through the trip. The dive deck and swim platform are both very comfortable and well-equipped, very easy to use and spacious.  It was really nice to have a dedicated swim towel, which were laundered after each dive - a very nice touch to have a hot towel waiting for you after a dive!

I dived with Cedric, who, besides being extremely funny, genuinely seemed to always have all our interests at heart, showing us crazy and interesting things, while still remaining very safety conscious all the time.  It was a true joy diving with him.  And thanks to him I saw the schooling hammerheads :-)

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who made this a very memorable trip.


Komodo Smiles! Thankyou for Everything!

Aug 23, 2016,
Trip: BMK1616 Author: EJ & Mei, Dennis & Cindy, Mick & Henry

Thank you for Everything!

You guys are amazing, we have been delighted to receive all the care, attention and hospitality from everyone of you!

This is a wonderful crew and one of our best diving experiences. Appreciate very much the care and attention of the crew. Good diving sites, good hospitality, good hygine, good people, good food! We all felt warm and delightful for the entire trip!

Thankyou for cleaning our room, washing our diving gear, assisting us as we geared up for every single dive, and assisting us when we got back!

We are truly appreciative for everything you guys have done for us. Great job we truly enjoyed every moment x

Black Manta in Komodo

Aug 23, 2016,
Trip: BMK1615 Author: Dive Travel Agent

Our group have just returned from Komodo diving with the Black Manta team; It was awesome trip for me and my group. As you know I have been on board so many liveaboards around the world, but I think your operation, boats and crew are one of the best liveaboard in the world!

Our Komodo Trip was of course fantastic underwater, but also the food, nice and friendly crew, comfortable cabin and more and more, make it so special!

I and all of my guests are very much satisfied.

Special thanks to cruise leader Mike and guide Mimpy and Stanny. and you (Max) also.


Komodo Trip Blue Manta

Jul 5, 2016,

Thank you and the wonderful staff and crew of the Blue Manta for helping make my recent group trip to Komodo a smashing success for me and my customers

Dear Max and Vincent, 

Thank you and the wonderful staff and crew of the Blue Manta for helping make my recent group trip to Komodo a smashing success for me and my customers. I have led over 125 group trips over the last 35 years, and this trip certainly ranks among, if not, the best. Your boat, crew, and operation were the primary reason. Yes, we also were very fortunate to have great weather and water conditions, and no logistical issues with flights, etc., but it all started with the boat and crew. 

Cedric is a very talented and skilled cruise manager. He has that rare ability to make sure everyone is happy while at the same time deal with each person’s requests, questions, and needs efficiently and cheerfully. He runs a “tight ship” and the crew operate flawlessly under his management. I hope he is still there when we sail in 2018. 

The boat herself is wonderful with attention to detail I rarely see even in the nicest dive resorts. Large cabins, comfortable beds/bedding, good A/C and lighting, and a spacious bath with plenty of hot water. The salon and dining area, deck bar, and sundeck are all very comfortable and provide enough space for those who want to have some privacy and quiet a place to retreat. The personal dive lockers and gear up areas make pre-dive preparations easy and comfortable. 
Service is amazing throughout the boat, but especially by the dive staff. The divemasters are very skilled and personable and the dive deck crew goes above and beyond the level of great service. They would appear to help with zipping wetsuits, removing wetsuits, cleaning gear, and wrapping a towel around your shoulders after you get undressed and showered. They air dry the cameras and are regularly cleaning the dive and stern decks to reduce slipping. Wetsuits are kept clean, hung up and dried so the boat is free of “wetsuit smell”. It was fun to have them greeting each skiff returning from a dive with cheers and smiles. 

The food was very good with plenty of variety and served promptly at meal time. The tea and juices waiting on the dive deck after a dive are a nice touch, and the post dive snacks were really special. The galley and wait staff never missed an opportunity to refill water, clear plates, or respond to a need. The only slight inconvenience was the lack of an icemaker in the main salon, but there was ice at the outside bar and the crew would bring ice down to the salon and refill a bucket, so they compensated as best as they could. The barbeque night was exceptional. 

Some other nice touches to the trip was the free laundry service, the massages that many in our group raved about (I did not get one, but was told I should have), the central music system, the camera room that opens both to the salon and dive deck, and the opportunities to visit the dragons on the beach and hike to some great vistas. 
There is no doubt you have raised the bar for exotic liveaboards with the Blue Manta. We look forward to bringing another group for you to spoil in 2018 and recommending your company to all of our clientele. 

Best fishes, and keep up the great work, 
Rick Heydel, US Sales

A 10/10 Experience onboard MV White Manta

May 25, 2016,
Trip: WMS2 13-May-16. Fri-Sun, NEW White Manta, Tioman Author: Leigh

I just wanted to let you know how my trip last weekend went on White Manta to Tioman Island. Without a doubt it was a 10/10 Experience. 

The food, the service and the diving were all amazing and one of the best experiences I have had. From my initial contact with you, until we left the boat at the terminal after arriving back in Singapore, everything was so professional and well organised.

I really can't say enough, thank you so much! I know the White Manta is off to Indonesia so I am grateful to be on one of the last trips to Tioman. I hope to join you guys on another trip one day.

Blue Manta 7-17th April 2016

May 1, 2016,
Trip: Blue Manta Crossing 7-17th April 2016 Author: Carl

Wow! I give it 99.9% perfect, A Fantastic boat with amazing crew, incredible food and most importantly very focused on safety.

The Crew was the best, The Girls looking after us throughout the trip were also great. I have to make a special mention of the dive deck crew & chase boat drivers who were the best ever. Our group never waited more than a minute to get picked up, which for me is the number one, most important job on the trip. I hate wondering if someone sees me, I have been left before for long time, once for over an hour so it is always in the back of my mind. The Dive sites were really nice and well choosen by our amazing Cruise Leader, Cedric. The Boat is just amazing, Food could not get any better... This is the first time I gained weight on a diving trip! 

I will be back soon.

A Blue Manta Christmas

Jan 6, 2016,
Trip: BLXMAS departing 19-Dec-15 Author: Barbara and Laz

My husband and I both loved the Blue Manta trip in December!


I think our overall experience was superb, we cannot think of any negative thing to say! Since our departure we have already promoted your company to all of our friends, we never know, maybe one of our friends will be your guest in the future, we are confident they will have an amzing time with you on the Blue Manta!

Thank you Vincent and the whole crew of Blue Manta once again for the friendliness, knowledge and work to make our dive trip unforgetteable!


Blue Manta Maiden Voyage

Jan 4, 2016,
Trip: BLCROSS departing 06-Dec-15. Author: David McIntyre

I was fortunate to enjoy the maiden voyage of the Blue Manta, crossing the Banda Sea. The diving exceeded my expectations; schooling hammerheads, mammoth mantas and the amazing biodiversity of Raja Ampat. This was a trip of a lifetime!!

This diving trip had everything, whilst the big fish mentioned earlier provided some amazing highlights, there was so much more to enjoy!

I love the smaller critters too, pygmy seahorses, nudibranch, crabs and shrimp, we saw lots of those.  The profusion of soft corals blanketing healthy reefs provided many spectacular underwater vistas. Time above water was pretty nice too; the Manta team has done a great job with the design and implementation of their new jewel, the Blue Manta. These guys have been operating dive boats in SEA for many years and that experience is clearly reflected in the Blue Manta. The boat has everything you might want and is spacious, comfortable and convenient.

The diving was great, the new boat is fabulous but it is the staff on board that makes Blue Manta the best.  The chefs are outstanding, the boat crews are well organized all the staff are experienced and professional. These guys work hard to ensure that divers enjoy the best possible experience every day, above and below the water. What a pleasure to enjoy a great dive vacation with the best team on the water.  Excellent!!!

Blue Manta Xmas Trip

Jan 1, 2016,
Trip: Blue Manta Xmas 2015 Author: Anette

An Awesome Xmas trip onboard the Blue Manta in Raja Ampat.

We just came back from a magical Christmas trip on the Blue Manta diving in Raja Ampat. It is a trip none of us are likely to forget: the boat is very well laid out, lots of space for everybody, all the facilities an underwater photographer could dream of, but what is more, Vincent and his entire crew are simply amazing! In fact the Blue Manta offers not just one, but at least three kinds of paradise; culinary paradise, diving paradise and massage paradise. Thank you for an extraordinary holiday!

Michelle Hynd -Black Manta 08-Nov-15

Nov 24, 2015,
Trip: Black Manta 08-Nov-15 Author: Michelle Hynd and Thomas Harrison



My partner Tom and I just finished the crossing trip on the Black Manta from Ambon to Sorong. We just wanted to let you know how unbelievable the trip was. The crew on the boat worked tirelessly to make sure that we were well looked after and had the perfect balance of professionalism and fun. The operations of the boat ran like clockwork and our safety was never a concern.

Heikki in particular did an exceptional job as cruise manager and worked hard to make sure that we were all enjoying our trip. He gave excellent dive briefings so we knew what to expect underwater and was brilliant as a dive guide. Any concern we had, Heikki was able to deal with and he instilled a great amount of confidence in us as divers. He made sure that all groups were treated fairly and that all divers got the best chance to see what the dive site had to offer. We felt extremely safe diving with Heikki and would love to do so again.

As a cruise director he clearly managed staff well, managed the schedule well and was accommodating to the needs of everyone onboard. As a company you should be very proud of the service you offer on the Black Manta, and extremely proud of the staff you have working for you.

Thanks again for an amazing trip - we will be back!! Our only complaint would have to be that the trip has now completely ruined any future tropical reef diving trips! We even stayed a couple of extra days in central Raja Ampat after the boat trip and were disappointed with the quality of the dive sites compared to nearly all those we visited while on the Black Manta!

Lisa Knodl - WMT151 07 Nov

Nov 20, 2015,
Trip: WMT1 07November 2015

I will probably run out of Superlatives and exclamation marks in my praise of this first WM Similan trip this season. 

I am so happy to have chosen your company again after 6 years when I dived with the Black Manta in 2009. And as my luck would have it, I ended up on the boat with Chris who I had dived with before. He wasn't the tour leader then, but he is a superb one now! Organized, SAFE, caring , funny (his briefings were witty & entertaining ), a team player and passionate diver and lover of the marine environment  (he has a special affinity to porcupine puffers!). He is top-notch!

The rest of the dive leaders were excellent too. Mike, Kim,  BJ, and Mark were always available,  helpful , engaging and committed to the safety & enjoyment of the guests. Just overall fun to be around.

I can't say enough about the crew. There are really not enough words  to describe the friendly, cheerful manner in which they do their job. They take their duties serously, but do it in such a warm-hearted way.  It made me laugh so hard when I could just stand there and the crew would almost completely gear me up for my dive, no effort on my part!

The boat is so clean. The rooms spacious.  Never have had such a large bathroom on a live aboard! The warm towels a luxury. The food was delicious and plentiful.  The snacks, treats and desserts between dives were great expecially the brownies & mango sticky rice.... yumm mm my! The sun deck was relaxing and the boat felt so roomy and comfortable.

Having been in the diving tourism industry for 10 years, I am viewing my wonderful experience from an acquainted perspective.  I could go on &on &on with fabulous adjectives.  The best compliment I can give is that I will be back!! Hopefully I can go on the new Blue Manta too then I will have tried each vessel.

Thank you again to Max & Naffa for all your help in organizing my itinerary.  If you ever need an assistant to help you out, I am officially applying for the position!!

Lisa Knodl

Eric Atton 20th September 2015

Sep 22, 2015,
Author: Eric Atton

Superb weekend diving trip with MV White Manta

Just came out of the boat after a super week end thanks to the White Manta team. All the recipes for success are there: a great team, very professional from the Top to the ones you don't always see. Everyone is visibly doing their outmost for us to have a great time wile keeping a friendly and great relaxing atmosphere. The Boat is great and really super organised up to the smallest details to make diving a real pleasure in and out of the water. The food is incredible. I look forward to my next opportunity to spend some more time on this boat and highly recommend anyone looking for a good diving week end or longer outing.

Tanja Klein

Jul 27, 2015,
Author: Tanja Klein

The only way to experience Komodo - with the incredible Black Manta team!!!

Great experience. I Did a 6 day trip through Komodo national park. Amazing dive sites, wonderful instructors (thanks a lot Cedric & Andreas!), caring crew,... Everything was there. Am a beginner in diving and felt very cared for. Thanks.

Fel Ong 27th March 2015

Mar 27, 2015,
Trip: White Manta Simians Author: Fel Ong

White Manta in the Similans, a fantastic choice for a diving holiday!!! Awesome crew, DMs & instructors! Very accommodating to make us comfortable on board despite ours being a crazy bunch. Informative and resourceful. Love the creative pre dive briefing. Passionate divers who are adamant in keeping the reefs safe from errant divers.

Rob Hart 12th Feb 2015

Feb 12, 2015,
Trip: Black Manta Raja Author: Rob Hart

The entire trip was breathtaking.

We just retuned from the 9-Day Raja Ampat trip with the Black Manta, and cannot be more pleased with the experience! The entire trip was breathtaking.

We are late to diving, so we have been hitting the more remote locations to see what the world has to offer while it’s still there, and Raja Ampat is the epicenter of ocean diversity. We must have seen a thousand varieties of fish, both reef and pelagic, and untold numbers of soft and hard corals in full bloom. It was like being plunged into a gigantic Skittles factory! So much color and activity – like the greatest Vegas show on Earth! For some reference, we have dived in Hawaii, the Caribbean, Komodo, and Thailand (the Similans), and this has been our best trip so far. We feel we are a low maintenance couple, to the point of ‘roughing it’, and although the Black Manta is not the most glamorous ship in this part of the world, for us – it was pure luxury. It’s just a bit of work to get there from the US – twelve flights total, round trip.

The Black Manta is a fine ship; metal hull, long keel, twin engines, huge dive platform, plenty of kit space, duel camera tables over big rinse tanks, private bathrooms with on-demand hot water, enough power outlets, fast Zodiac skiffs, clean air tank fills, Nitrox, a huge partially covered sun deck, beautiful wood interior dining area, etc. I could go on, but instead I will just say that, for us, it was a perfect dive boat.

The crew was equally as wonderful; astounding service, and constant attention to the dive photographers needs; hot chocolate served to you after your dives (so nice!), great skiff drivers, mechanics, and navigators, and as for the divemasters and cooks, I’ll get to that later. We never had an issue with gear. The tanks were always at 3000psi, no less. We have been on a few trips (one which we will not repeat) that tanks have been at 1700, and even 500! Not so on the BM. The air was always tasteless and clean; Nitrox was always at exactly 30%. We brought our own regs, and rented BC’s and 3mm suits. Our rental gear was, by the looks of it, brand new. Navigating the waters of Raja Ampat looks to be challenging for a captain, as the underwater topography often lies just a meter from the surface in hundreds of places. The area is made of hundreds of islands, and so it just makes sense that the floor is equally as bumpy. With the strong currents, rising and falling tides, and a half moon, I am sure that, navigationally, it was far more that just driving around with the GPS on.

The food was excellent – and there was lots of it. Not losing weight on this boat. It was a cross-cultural mix of Asian and Western cuisine, and all of it delicious. The chef and his two cooks did a remarkable job – even whipping up a frosted birthday cake for one the divers! 

Cedric is the cruise director/divemaster, and we were lucky enough to have him as our group’s guide as well. He has been in the Raja Ampat area for 7 years, and knows all of its secret corners and currents. I still do not understand how he could spot all of the pygmy seahorses – so tiny – and seven on one dive! He found all of the juvenile stages of the fish we love to see: batfish, barramundi, filefish, sweetlips, etc. Cedric is very knowledgeable, calm, helpful, witty, safe, happy, and just a great guy to claim as a friend.

We will return to the Black Manta at the first chance we can – perhaps even the new, under construction, Blue Manta, which will service much the same area. 

This was the best dive trip we have ever had.

Hyun Min Lee February 2015

Feb 1, 2015,
Trip: White Manta Simians Author: Hyun Min Lee

I Love White Manta!!

Definitely, My next January holiday with White Manta in Similan. Thanx so much Mel, Michael, Mike T, Kim, and Andreas with many boat crews. You guys make my holiday so perfectly !

Anthea Tan 8/10/2014

Nov 20, 2014,

My only pick for a liveaboard! 

Absolutely Love the White Manta, it's facilities, the crew and especially the food!!

Sheng Thong Hsin

Oct 18, 2013,
Trip: KM Black Manta: BMCROSS

We had a FANTASTIC trip!! Cedric would have told you about our very lucky encounter with the hammerheads!! Just unforgettable! 

Donald Bader, MD

Nov 19, 2012,
Trip: Similans

My family and i recently took a trip on the white manta to the similan islands - nov 19-23. We had a wonderful experience - the diving was fantastic, the boat was great and the crew was incredible. 

I brought my children along for the trip - i have a 14 year old first time diver and two younger kids that snorkeled. I just wanted to send you a personal note to let you know how great the staff on the boat were - they were highly professional and very safety conscious. this was very important to me given that i had my kids along and my oldest son was a first time diver.  

Also, the crew was very accepting of having the children on board and were really warm and playful with the kids. The divemaster, chris hutton was incredible with the kids - he took them snorkeling in between dives - the kids loved him! Mike and Melanie smith were also incredible with the kids.

I have been a diver for a long time and have been diving many different places with a lot of different outfits throughout the world, but the crew of the white  manta was the best i have encountered. I will definitely recommend the white manta to every diver i know and will do my best to dive with your company in the future

Gill and Bill

Nov 5, 2012,
Trip: Komodo - Banda Sea

We had the diving vacation of a lifetime that far exceeded every expectation: diving with Hammerhead’s, Thresher, Bamboo and reef sharks as well as Mantas and Pygmy Devil Rays in one vacation. 

It was fantastic but to be given the opportunity to use the boat ribs to enable us to snorkel close up to the Minky Whales and Dolphins as well was simply absolutely awesome.

The professionalism and flexibility of your boat and diving crews and the skills of your chef to prepare first class cuisine that suited all tastes and incorporated unplanned locally available and on-board catches has been unprecedented. Never before in our long experience of live-aboard diving worldwide, have we been so impressed.

Matthew Wielicki

Oct 1, 2012,
Trip: Komodo

I have been diving for the last 18 years and I must say that this has been one of the best diving trips which I have been on.

Cedric is a great dive director, very friendly, knows the region well with a good knowledge of the currents ands tides dictating when to do the dives. Very reassuring as we were all a bit apprehensive about the current we saw and the region is known for. The diving was amazing where we saw mantas on 3 days of our trip.

Anton our DM was excellent, making sure that my girlfriend, being a beginner was always ok. He really is a great person and DM. Really felt good with our little group of 4 diving.

I have been to quite a few amazing dive locations but in the end it is the crew and the vibe on board which makes all the difference. The crew was always helpful, cheery and a pleasure to be around. It was great to chat to Cedric, Anton and Stanley about their previous adventures, with Stanley being an expert in finding small critters all the time.

All in all it was a fantastic trip, great location, crew and diving.


Sep 28, 2012,
Trip: 7 Skies & Igara Wreck

First off, thanks for a pretty damn great weekend! Yes the whale shark was a highlight but it would've been a great weekend nonetheless. 

Thanks for doing a write-up of the trip! I think those who didn't see the whale shark the first dive were so anxious (that it wouldn't be around) and eager (omg what if it's still there!!!) to do the second dive - I was so excited that I forgot to zip up my wet suit and only realized it mid dive when things were biting me! And I remember it was almost a race for us to fin towards the front of the boat to see who would get there first.

Will definitely dive with you guys again!


Asbjorn Olsen

Sep 7, 2012,
Trip: Anambas Island

This was my forth trip with the White Manta and it's crew - and it will definitely not be my last. What attracts me is the excellent dive sites, the professional and experienced crew, the superb food and the relaxed atmosphere onboard where you meet and get aquatinted with new diving friends.

I have been onboard together with friends and family and I have signed up just me - and it both works as you either get paired up with your friend or a new buddy sharing your own passion for diving. The dive deck is well organized and the same can be said about the process of going in and out of the water associated with it. The dive sites are well worth a visit, reef dives, wreck dives and on the last trip even Jack Rock presented itself from the best side with visibility close to 15 meters - what an experience!

All in all - highly recommendable!

Melissa Cowan

Jul 2, 2012,
Trip: Tioman Island

The crew on the boat are some of the sweetest people I have had the opportunity to meet since living in Asia. Mostly a Thai crew (so you can just imagine the food I am treated to, we will get to that shortly) and headed up by the lovely Chris. 

Chris is a Dive Master extraordinaire and marine life enthusiast with the best arsenal of “What's That Fish?” books I have had the privilege of rifling through! I love meeting people that are passionate and all consumed by that they do for a living, and that is Chris. It is hard not to get wrapped up in the magic of diving when you are with him.

Exceprt from: 

Michel Nagel

Jun 18, 2012,
Trip: 7 Skies & Igara wreck

Just a quick note to thank you and your amazing team on the White Manta for a great weekend of diving. Although the conditions were challenging I thoroughly enjoyed it and it has definitely re-sparked a forgotten passion for diving.

I really do look forward to another adventure in the near future.

Bob and Teresa

May 5, 2012,
Trip: Layang Layang

We thought the boat was very well organized, very clean and the crew was very friendly and extremely helpful. The food and massage was also excellent. In particular, the dive platform was very well designed.

We've been on several high-end liveaboards: The Seven Seas, N'aia, Peter Hughes and 5-6 Aggressors. And, we've been to WAKATOBI, Kasawari and other high-end resorts. I used to be a PADI Open Water Instructor and US Coast Licensed Captain. And, I captained a 45’ dive/sail motorsailer in the Caribbean over 2 yrs. in the early 80's.  

Why I'm I telling you this? Because I want you to know that I’ve "been around" and I consider Chris Hutton to be one of the best Cruise Director's I've encountered. He had a "full plate" and managed it like a true professional. He also went the extra mile for us after we disembarked and helped find us a better hotel, at a cheaper price and probably the best local dive operation available in KK.

Here are some recommendations: The bathroom door could have used a door latch to allow it to stay open (like the outer door) A mirror over the desk in the stateroom would have been a nice addition. Some form of fiber-rich food like oatmeal, rye crisp, etc. would have helped us older folk for breakfast.

Ken Brown

Dec 12, 2011,
Trip: Raja Ampat

The boat was great as was the crew... and of course the diving! I was impressed with the leadership shown by Cedric - he seemed to be comfortably in control at all times, always putting us in the water at the correct point. He did a great job of mingling with all the guests at meal times and in the evenings, always ready with appropriate advice or comment. The rest of the crew were always friendly and helpful - especially Stella and Eta. 

It is always nice to be on a boat that has recently been refurbished where everything works and is fresh. I was most impressed by the spaciousness of the entire boat, the size of the cabins, and the bathrooms in the cabins were also large and plenty of headroom (I am 6 feet 4 inches tall). It was very nice to have an effective AC in the cabin also, I have been doing liveaboard trips for the last 20 years and it's the first time I have seen individual split AC's - definitely a selling point in my mind considering the ambient temperature in the high 30's.

Another great selling point was the omelet's cooked to order in the dining area "al fresco" every morning during breakfast. Such a simple idea but yet I have not seen it done before on a liveaboard (not even on the Aggressor/Hughes boats).

All in a fantastic trip - I am sure you will continue to be successful with Black Manta.

Regards, Ken

Laura Fleischhauer

Nov 23, 2011,
Trip: Similans

First, let me just say the trip, divemasters, food, boat and the crew were all amazing. We had an excellent time and I just can't say enough positive things about it!

We have been gone for four hours, and I've already met another couple who I recommended White Manta to, I should have left with a stack of business cards.

Cindy & Leroux

Nov 5, 2011,
Trip: Similan, White Manta

Having been in the hospitality industry we know how much time and planning goes into the logistics of such trips, and dealing with people and their various needs and requests is not easy. Max, as always you are quick and efficient in your dealings and correspondence. 

Thanks too for co-ordinating our Dive course materials and our practical dives with Mike during our trip. As I'm sure you are aware, we have just received one of our Dive certificates and eagerly await the other 2 once you are able to have them signed off by Mike.

Secondly, thanks to Mike. We have had the pleasure of diving in many wonderful parts of the world, with many different Dive Masters and Teachers. However, you were by far the best! The time, effort and dedication you put in, not only as a group Dive Master, but also as a teacher, made diving and learning a memorable experience - thank you :-)

Last but not least, Chris. Your briefings and reconstructed reefs were great. You manage a good team. Your Dive staff are as always helpful and friendly. The ladies did a great job of all housekeeping aspects. The Food was absolutely fantastic. It a remarkable achievement cooking such yummy food, in limited space, and creating varied and tasty food selections for so many people. Good Job Guys and Gals. Looking forward to joining you in the not too distant future. Hope to catch up for a casual drink when next you guys are in Singapore.

Bernard Blunier

Sep 29, 2011,
Trip: Komodo

I'd also like to take this chance to say thank you for providing such wonderful diving possibilities - I was on the last (and very stormy) trip of the 'old' BM to the Similans in March and then on the refurbished BM for Komodo in September.

Both trips were the best diving experiences I've ever had, and that's not just because of the dive sites - It's the complete package of vessel, accommodation, boat directors (Chris and Cedric are just great), crew, service and food, including backoffice organisation by Max.

I'm certain that I will dive with you again in future and hope to enjoy a voyage on the White Manta someday.

Pierre Rebufat

Sep 5, 2011,
Trip: Komodo

Just came back from Komodo on BM, and wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the quality of the operation, which is particularly impressive given that the boat has only been operating for a month with its new crew. The crew was very friendly and professional, dive guides have very sharp eyes to find critters and Cedric does an outstanding job at planning and managing it all with a lot of enthusiasm.

We had quite a number of truly memorable dives during the week, and all of them were very well planned. Obviously helped that we had many great sightings (including mola-mola and dolphins in addition to the expected mantas, sharks and macro), but even without those I would have only praise.

Johannes & Renee

Sep 5, 2011,
Trip: Komodo

Thanks You Black Manta crew!!! We really had a wonderful time and your warm smiles made us feel at home. Special thank you to our patient and knowledgeable dive master!

The cooks for every wonderful meal, we ate like kings. The captain for getting us there and back again.

The ladies, for all the hot milo and lovely massage and everything else! The speed boat guys, for all the pick-up’s and drop off’s. Take care and we hope to see you all again soon!!

Sabrina Ng

Jun 12, 2011,
Trip: Similans

In particular, I wanted to commend Cedric and the crew for the fantastic service – from pick up to drop off. It was really lovely of Cedric to help us all get checked in. He even negotiated the overweight luggage fees for those of us with overweight luggage.

Sometime dealing with us all was like herding cats (especially that first night for dinner at Sorong), but Cedric never lost his cool. The whole crew worked really well together, providing a seamless service. Complements to the chefs – the food was excellent.

I don’t think there is anything that you could do to improve the experience.

FYI – you should probably take the reference to “Visa and Mastercard, if available” out of the information below given that credit card facilities aren’t available. It gave me false hope!