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Sep 27, 2016

Blue Manta in the Ring of Fire

Bluemanta is cruising all year round in the beautiful seas of the indonesian archipelago, but no other route gives a sense of adventure and discovery as much as our CROSSING trips in the vast and deep BANDA SEA.

We have years of experience in these waters but it still retains secret jewels and we truly enjoy putting some effort in discovering them. This trip, 15 to 25 sept 2016 was perfect to explore with FLAT seas all the way together with great visibility. The shores of Lembata gave us some frogfishes, weird crabs and shrimps, pigmy seahorses and other great photo subjects. The next day in Alor we enjoyed spending time with the kids from the local villages and the freediving fishermen as much as the stunning coral gardens. Then, the more remote we travelled, the more BIG fish were starting to show up with HUGE tunas and grey reef sharks in Wetar island, countless seasnakes in the active volcano of Gunung Api, and stunning schools of Jacks & Barracuda making regular apperances on our dives.

The next three days, we were in the heart of the Banda sea and as promised, we got surrounded by big schools of HAMMERHEADS in these clear warm waters. A DREAM . So many of our guests join these crossing trip cruises with hopes of encountering these magestic creatures, everyone onboard was simply stunned to dive with these marine megastars!

Whilst the Banda sea's reputation for amazing diving is becoming well known, the area is also rich with its people and we always make sure we have a nice contact with the local people. Each trip we like to take the time to enjoy a coconut drink with them, watch one of the beautiful sunsets, and of course share some fish tales! The team at Blue Manta feel it is important that we have a cultural exchange AND also contribute with other projects to help them get better access to clean water and to defend their reefs against destructive fishing practices. They always offer us their delicious sungrown bananas and spices and their open arms to enjoy their waters.

Our suprise this trip was to swim with a WHALESHARK on a sunset dive. We focused our exploration in the forgotten islands like DAWERA and we found some AMAAAZING pristine and very colourful coral reefs, hosting Hammerhead sharks also. it was so good that we ll be back there on every crossing trip for sure! We re in LOOOVE with the Banda sea ! 

Many Thanks to all of our wonderful Blue Manta guests, we hope you enjoyed diving with us as we certaintly enjoyed diving with you and we sincerely hope to see you all back soon! Many Thanks also to PJ Widestrand for his stunning videography and wonderful pictures that will help us all to remember this amazing diving adventure!


Trip: BLRING1 15-25 Sep-16 Blue Manta, Maumere-Ring of Fire-Banda Sea
Author: Cedric