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Mar 15, 2017

Blue Manta Magic in Raja Ampat

The beautiful & luxurious  KM Blue Manta is the perfect vessel from which to explore the wonders of Raja Ampat, our world class crew are ready & waiting to show you the best of this area both above and below the waves. Our ever popular Cruise Leader, Cedric, has an unmatched passion for the area and is waiting to welcome you aboard with open arms!

Read Cedric's trip report from our Recent Blue Manta Trip; BLRA11 departing 04-Mar-17.  Sat-Mon, Blue Manta, Raja Ampat , Misool


Dear ocean lovers, once again Raja Ampat complied with its promises. It gave us this feeling of abundance and privilege. It is such a pleasure to be able to enjoy this natural paradise, with almost no other boats in sight for a week, we were surrounded only by huge schools of fish on almost every dive! A big applause to Bobbie-rae who spotted a Blueringged octopus on the shore of the beautiful village of AIRBOREK where we greeted the locals; An easy walk compared the hike we did in wayag to then observe from the top this magnificent bay and its dozen of mushroom like islets. 10days of diving and still so much more to see in this vast archipelago. Raja ampat is defenitely a place where a diver comes back

Trip: BLRA11 departing 04-Mar-17. Sat-Mon, Blue Manta, Raja Ampat , Misool
Author: Cedric