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Apr 13, 2017

Raja Ampat; end of season magic!

The KM Blue Manta Raja Ampat 2017 season is coming to an end, all the the dive crew are struggiling to accept it's time to leave as the diving seems to be getting better every trip!!

Manta rays were everywhere this trip, our divers were entranced by the giant oceanics with their huge wingspans, cleaning endlessly in front of us, gliding efortlessly over and around us, such magical creatures that no diver ever tires of encountering.
As we reach the end of the season we can also reflect on the fact that Raja Ampat is not just about diving and fish, the area boasts such stunning landscapes of incredible beauty. There is no better way to catch these vistas than flying a
drone...check out these beautiful shots from Jan Wenger of the island of Wayil in Misool.

Don't wait any longer! Spaces are already extremely limited and so it is time to BOOK NOW for our 2018 RAJA AMPAT trips with BLUEMANTA ;-) We look forward to seeeing you there!

Best Fishes!

Trip: BLRA14 03-10 Apr-17 Raja Ampat & Misool
Author: Cedric