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Sep 17, 2012

Pulau Aur, 14-16 Sep 2012

One of the great pleasures of working aboard the MV White Manta here in Singapore is that we often have the chance to welcome back returning guests numerous times throughout the season, guests we like to consider friends!  

This weekend was no different with a number of old friends returning to share some old diving tales as well as enjoy some new diving adventures! Thanks to the convenience of our schedule, the incredible food served by our Thai chef, the excellent service provided by our boat crew, access to Thai and oil massage throughout the trip, a stable, comfortable and steady vessel, great dive crew and of course some excellent diving, we like to think that we offer the best weekend relaxation available from Singapore – and the number of our divers who return again and again, we hope, pay testament to the quality of our service!

We also love to welcome new guests, new divers and new friends, and this trip was no different with a fantastic group of eager divers joining us for a weekend of diving in the clear blue, tropical waters of Pulau Aur. Located around 40 nautical miles from the West coast of Malaysia, this small granite boulder island, covered in palm trees and green verdant foliage is surrounded by some beautiful reefs and exposed deep water pinnacles. Arriving at Pulau Aur early Saturday morning we would spend the whole day diving around this beautiful tropical paradise.

The waters around Aur teem with marine life, and with a prevailing current present throughout the day, large schools of yellow-back fusilier were seen on every dive, whilst schools of barracuda, bump-head parrotfish, jacks, tuna and mackerel were spotted throughout the day.

The corals themselves are in excellent condition with some of the healthiest hard coral gardens in the region, large table corals and fields of staghorn corals play host to moray eels, cuttlefish, scorpionfish, turtles, stingrays, reef squid and even the occasional shark! By the end of the day all of our divers had stories of special finds, excellent dives and a thoroughly enjoyable day of diving.

After a sumptuous dinner, one or two glasses of wine, and a well deserved sleep we woke up Sunday morning ready to dive the famous Jack Rock. One of the most popular divesites on the White Manta itinerary, this large pinnacle is always abundant with a huge variety of interesting critters and a few larger predators.

With some good visibility and a mild current conditions were perfect and we were able to enjoy two fantastic dives here; bamboo sharks, blue-spotted rays, countless clownfish and a smorgasbord of colourful nudibranchs made for an excellent end to the trips diving activities.

Whilst most of our divers were able to relax and enjoy the comfortable surroundings of the White Manta during the surface intervals between dives, a few of our guests did not have so much time to rest and relax!!! Working hard to complete their open water courses, Sonya Bikhit and Máire Mullen took the plunge for the first time and proved to be model students!

Congratulations to you both, we hope to see you soon for your advanced course! Working equally as hard to complete the advanced course, Rachel Wang Zhi, Gu Ling and Kunal Patel all took on the challenge of increasing their experience and learning some new skills, a big congratulations to all three of you on achieving the next level in the PADI chain of continuing education.

We would also like to congratulate Annette Bolton and Sujata Murty who worked incredibly hard, without complaint, to achieve their Rescue AND Nitrox certifications this weekend.

Always ready to assist a panicking, drowning or unconscious diver they proved they had what it takes to excel on both courses! WELL DONE from all of us. A big thank you also goes out to Filipo Toni for sharing some of his beautiful underwater pics!

With only a few weeks left of the season here in Singapore before we move on to Thailand, make sure and book a place onboard soon.... October is big fish month.... look forward to seeing you underwater soon!

Thank you to all our guests who joined us this weekend, as always it was a real pleasure to have you aboard, take care, and enjoy your dives and Dive, Dive, Dive!