Oct 12, 2012

MV White Manta Open House evening 10 Oct 2012

We hosted another Open House evening early in October, inviting our friends, and theirs, to join us in some nice food and conversation in the lovely space of MV White Manta.

Guests arrived from 7pm. It was very nice to see so many familiar faces supporting the event. Many have been diving with us before, but for some it is still the first time they have been on MV White Manta.

Michael Smith, Glenn Wright, Dave Olfat and Christopher von Mitschke-Collande were amongst our dive crew that attended. Vincent and Sharon were pleased to welcome so many of our friends to the boat. I was fortunate enough to share some conversation with some friends I have not seen for some time. Particularly Dr Tan Chi Chui whom I completed my first trip with on MV Black Manta in the Similan Islands. He has been on trips recently with Black Manta in Indonesia as had another good friend who made an appearance: Fabrice Deanance.

Alvin Neo was one of the first guests to arrive, I didn't ask, but he is so fit that he probably ran here from the other side of the island! John and Elizabeth Dunn paid us a visit ahead of their weekends' trip. John is a colleague of White Manta DM, Brian Clarke. Another of his colleagues; Lailani Fetalvero also came to say hello. It was very nice to see Brendan and Toni (pictured) for the second tme this season.

Many of our guests were interested in the further flung destinations of the Mantas. Since we are now operating not only in Thailand, but also in Malaysia; Layang Layang and next year one trip in Sipadan with MV White Manta. MV Balck Manta adds a new destination to its high profile diving areas: Cenderwasih Bay. Guests were marvelled by the footage genorously provided by videographer Peter Walker from his recent trip there. He captured half a dozen Whale Sharks in crystal clear water. This is no fleeting encounter: he spent several hours with these gentle giants; they are truly magnificent.

I'm sure I have forgotten to drop some names, but let me tell you, it was a real pleasure to host you on board outside of our diving schedules and enjoy some quality time together. Hope to see you again soon. Always feel welcome.