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Oct 9, 2013

WMS14 04-06 Oct 2013 - Amazing visibility at Tokong Malangbiru; Batu Kataoka and Igara wreck

A repeat fixture of last weekends’ trip to Anambas and the Igara wreck was on the cards for MV White Manta – but it wouldn’t be the same as the last week; because we hosted different guests and experienced different conditions!

The expectant swells from the previous weekend found the South China Sea on Saturday morning – the crossing was quite OK with the 267DWT of MV White Manta!

The quality of the diving did not diminish with the swell. Malangbiru provided two stunning dives in crystal clear water; with turtles and black-tip reef sharks providing some fantastic highlights. The shallow, protected areas, of the reef provided a perfect location for diver training; we had a number of students completing PADI courses this trip!

Congratulations to Charlie, Joanne and Brad who completed their PADI Rescue Diver course; performing their rescue scenarios in some tough surface conditions!

Congratulations also to Ramzi and Laurentine who were finishing off their PADI Open Water course; to Yohann who became a PADI Advanced Open Water diver; and to Ting who is now a PADI Enriched Air Nitrox diver!

We left MV ‘The Ark’ at Malangbiru being tossed around like a rag doll – it looked very uncomfortable in comparison to our steady ship; we ventured over to the familiar undersea rock of Kataoka. The ‘Rock of Kataoka’ was a lovely relaxing dive and added further reef variety to the days diving activity.

On Sunday morning the weather soured; strong wind, rain, and in turn: rather rough surface conditions meant we would skip our first planned dive at the Igara wreck. Instead we sailed south – near-to the Island of Mapor for shelter from the waves on protected reefs: a safer alternative dive site. Although the visibility was not spectacular the marine life on display made for a great first dive. Blue-spotted stingray; HUGE, painted spiny lobster; broadclub cuttlefish; moray eels; and a turtle were recorded amongst the divers. Happily, by the time we finished the dive the weather was improving and as we sailed back to the Igara conditions were getting close to perfect - with just a slight swell beneath clearing sunnier skies.

Igara was incredible; some of the best conditions we have ever experienced. Great visibility, no current and huge schools of damsels; snappers; and fusiliers all over the wreck! What a way to end the trip! An amazing dive!

I'll finish up with a selection of shots from the dive at Igara - enjoy!

Thanks to all of our guests who joined us on this trip.

Trip: WMS14 04-06 Oct 2013
Author: Christopher Hutton