Diving in Anambas Island

The Anambas Islands are located between Singapore and the Natuna islands in the South China Sea. Earlier the islands were better known as a base for off-shore oil drilling and natural gas explorations, but today Anambas has gained popularity among divers on account of its pristine corals.

The Anambas Islands form a small archipelago 150 nautical miles northeast of Batam Island in the North Natuna Sea between the Malaysian mainland to the west & the island of Borneo to the East. Enjoy excellent visibility in clear blue waters, exploring the stunning hard coral gardens around the island of Malingbiru & the huge underwater seamount of Katoka. The ONLY way to reach these reefs is by liveaboard; remote & isolated these dive spots on the edge of the Anambas remain largely untouched by human hand, the perfect weekend escape from a crowded & humid Singapore!

Our trips to the Anambas Islands include dives at the Igara Wreck.