We begin our journey discovering pristine coral reefs around Alor & Pantar Strait where fantastic macro life, stunning coral reefs and schooling fish provide amazing diving far from the crowds, you may even have the chance to spot pilot Whales or Dolphins during surface intervals. Heading towards the infamous Ring of fire, let our experienced crew show you these remote and almost untouched locations with wonderful reefs and stunning drop offs.  Marine life here is in abundance from macro critters, sea snakes and schooling fish to the ‘big fish’ favorites such as manta rays, reef sharks and even the chance to encounter Scalloped Hammerheads. Finsihing with mucks diving in/ near Ambon

Sample Itinerary

Note: All schedules are subjected to changes according to weather, sea, diving, & local conditions.

Day 1.  (0-2 dives) 1-3pm. Our staff will meet you in Mali Airport or local hotel and transfer you to Blue Manta at Kalabahi Port.  Depending on arrival time, we do local check dive plus night dive.

Day 2. (3-4 dives)  Alor: diving around the best sites: Karl’s Dream and Critters diving. Beautiful reefs in (sometimes cold!) clear blue waters, great macro, and fish life.  Sail to Palau Wetar.

Day 3. (3 dives) Wetar; excellent wall, pelagic life and fantastic drop offs.  Sail towards Ring of Fire overnight

Day 4-7(3 dives x4 days) Ring of Fire; diving around Volcanic Islands and stunning seamounts in search of hammerheads, encounter many sea snakes, huge schools of fish, reef sharks, tunas, & other pelagic superstars. 

Day 8-9. (3 dives x2 days) Diving around Banda Islands with excellent visibility, fantastic coral coverage and tremendous numbers of fish along with potential Hammerhead sightings, plus a visit to one of the Spice Islands.

Day 10. (2 dives) Muck dives in Ambon Bay or Nusa Laut. Sail back to Ambon where you spend last night on board.  Plenty of time to wash & dry equipment, rest & relaxation, and if need be, an early flight on Trip Departure day.  

Day 11. (0 dives) 5am-12pm. Check out after light breakfast & farewells, we transfer to local hotel or airport.  Take your pre-booked flight to Ujung Pandang, Jakarta or Singapore

Diving days: 10 days (28 dives)

Note: 3 dives are scheduled per diving day*.  This is due to deeper dives and long distances covered between islands.  Where possible a bonus night dive may be scheduled at the discretion of the Cruise Leader. *Except trip departure day & trip return day.

Embarkation / Disembarkation

  • Alor (ARD), East Nusa Tenggara / Ambon (AMQ)

How to get to Alor (ARD), East Nusa Tenggara

  • Alor Island Airport, also known as Mali Airport (ARD) can be accessed via Bali (DPS), or Jakarta (CGK). This allows for international connections from Singapore (SIN), Kuala Lumpur (KUL), and Bangkok (BKK) to name but a few. Flights from Bali or Jakarta currently operates via Kupang (KOE).
  • From Jakarta. We suggest you take the Batik Air flight (02:05-06:35) to Kupang. Then take the first scheduled Lion Wings flight (08:15-09:10) from Kupang to Alor.
  • From Bali. We suggest you take the Nam Air flight (09:00- 11:30) to Kupang. Then take the later Lion Wings flight (12:55-13:50) from Kupang to Alor.

How to get from Ambon (AMQ)

  • To Jakarta.  Direct morning flights with Batik Air or Citilink
  • To Bali.  Morning flights with either Batik Air or Lion Air, both via Makassar (UPG, Ujung Pandang), arriving to Bali mid-afternoon.

Dive Site Information

  • Alor Water Temp: 22-26 degrees, it can be cold in the waters around Alor and we do recommend you bring extra exposure suit for this section of the cruise.
  • Water Temp: 26-28 degrees Celsius, however deep-water upwelling’s & thermoclines especially in Sept-Nov can mean temps as low as 25C.
  • Air Temp: 22-31 degrees Celsius
  • Visibility: 20-30 meters
  • Current: mild to strong
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced,
  • Best Time to Dive: March, April, & mid-September to early December

What's included?

  • Round trip transfer local Hotel/Airport - Boat
  • All nights' accommodation on Boat
  • All meals (Western & Indonesian) snacks, hot beverages, coffee, tea, Milo, soft drinks
  • Towels, toiletries & cabin services
  • FOC replacement if equipment breakdown
  • Warm towel & drink after every dive
  • Regular Air Tanks, weights, belt, 5 dive guides (1x Instructor, 4x Dive Masters)

What's excluded?

  • All flights & hotels stay
  • Marine Park & Harbour fees 
  • Dive & Travel insurance
  • Fuel surcharge (if applicable). Please see our Booking Information page 'Fuel surcharge' section for more details and fees per person.
  • Massage services
  • Laundry services 
  • Nespresso coffee, alcohol; beer & wine
  • Satellite Wi-Fi
  • Diving Gear; dive computer, torch, 15L tank rental, BCD, regulator, wetsuit, fins mask.  
  • Nitrox Enriched Air fills
  • Note: Nitrox & Diving Gear Items priced per diving day and are subject to availability.
  • Note: Exposure suits; 3mm shorty wetsuits available ONLY.   

Trip Schedule

  • Departure; 3pm, 1st day Alor, East Nusa Tenggara.  Or earlier if everyone arrives before and all trip preparations have been completed.  Free transfer from local hotel or Mali Airport, Alor to Port (transfer time around 1 hour) to Blue Manta on trip departure day.
  • Return; 5am, last day - Laha Bay, Ambon.  After a light breakfast and fond farewells, we take you to local hotel or Pattimura Airport, Ambon in time for check-in & flights (transfer time 10 mins).  Note: latest BM Check-out midday, trip return day.
  • Last dive ends; 12pm (midday), penultimate day. Plenty of time for R&R while we sail back to Ambon where we spend last night on Blue Manta.  This also allows for your minimum 18 hours’ surface interval/ No Fly Time (as recommended by PADI) before flying next day.

Blue Manta Reminders

Travel Documents

  • COVID-19 requirements & protocols in Indonesia and on your trip.  Please see our COVID-19 Travel & Visa Information page to help prepare and plan in advance for your travels and entry into Indonesia, as detailed by the Government of Indonesia.
  • Guest Info. We MUST receive guest’s details well in advance in the trip Note: Late receipt of Passport details may very likely lead to delayed departure & significant changes to the itinerary.
  • Visa On Arrival (VOA), single entry is now available for many countries and Visa Exemption Arrangement (VEP) for some ASEAN countries for stay up to 30 days. VOA cost: IDR 500,000 (approx. EUR 32 / USD 35). Payment can be done by: Visa, Mastercard or Debit Card or Cash Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Note: Please check here for eligibity. If you are from one of countries not on the VOA or VEA lists, or if you simply wish to get a visa in advance, you MUST apply for an eVisa (B211A) online PRIOR to arrival before entering all other airports.
  • Passport. Please ensure your passport is in good order, has enough pages, is valid for at least 6 months, and that you are able to enter Indonesia. Check with your local Embassy of Indonesia if unsure.
  • Departure Tax. Indonesia Passenger Service Charge (IPSC) has changed (Mar-2015) to be included in your flight ticket price. Please check though as previously it was 200,000IDRp to leave Indonesia, & up to 75,000IDRp for Domestic flights. Carry small bills, Indonesia Rupiah preferred, as often no change given.

Domestic Flights

  • Please book BEFORE confirming your International flights to ensure you make your connection to Alor & from Ambon. 
  • We advise you to stay a night in a local hotel in Jakarta/ Makassar/ Bali before the flight next day.  If your  stopover is in Makassar; you may wish to take advantage of some rest between flights, just remember to set your alarms in good time for your early flight to Sorong.  Ibis Makassar Airport is located right on the side of the exit door.  Alternatively, the Harper Perintis Hotel is just a 15min drive from the airport and offers good value & comfortable rooms.
  • Domestic airlines; some do not allow non-Indo credit card online payments. If you cannot book direct or simply want help with your travel itineraries; obtaining an e-visa, booking domestic flight tickets, onward hotels, transfer, and additional land arrangements, etc, we can recommend local Indonesian travel agents, our friends at Come2Indonesia. Contact Rendy & the team here tour2@come2indonesia.comNote: If booked with credit card please ensure the card is with you upon Check In or have an official Airline form filled in & signed by card holder authorizing the use of.
  • Our ticketing agents are not responsible for any flight delay or cancellation, luggage lost or delay. In any case, please contact our ground staff in Bali for assistance for flight delay issue.
  • Domestic Airlines normally have 20Kg allowance, although you may pay for 10Kg extra when booking, if needed (around US$3/kilo). With an additional 7kg carryon.

Health & Insurance

  • Dive Insurance; compulsory for this trip.  We also strongly advise you get adequate travel insurance. Please check your travel insurance policy for your diving needs.  If not covered then we recommend DiveAssure for their single trip policy cover.
  • Dive Computer; compulsory on this trip.  We have rentals onboard if you do not have.
  • Follow Safe Diving Practices at ALL times plus No Deco Diving and No Solo Diving.
  • Travel insurance is compulsory for our trips. Our trips are not inclusive of any form of insurance. White Manta Diving cannot be held responsible for any trip disruption or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control or any flight / hotel expenses. This includes any costs related to COVID-19 issues, resulting in delay/ medical/ extraction/ quarantine/ or trip costs incurred due to potential positive testing / refusal of admittance to the country or your trip, before, during or after. We strongly recommend all guests purchase adequate travel insurance, as such an occurance will affect all guests on trip. Please see our Booking Information page 'Travel Insurance' section for more details and recommended insurers.

Internet/ Mobile

  • Satellite Wi-Fi
  • Mobile signal; local Telkomsel is best local card to buy.  Not long after you leave port we have has intermittent/ limited mobile signal until we return.
  • Telkomsel prepaid card is the best value. Plus can add credit to top up!!!

Trip Extras payment onboard

  • By Credit card comes with 4.5% additional handling fee.
  • By Cash we accept US Dollars, Euro, Singaporean Dollars, and Indonesian Rupiah.  Please ensure ALL bills are in good order; NOT worn or torn and unmarked or we are UNABLE to accept.  Exchange rates differ for USD100/50 bills and USD20/10 bills. Current Exchange rate. ATMs available in town.

Trip Extras

  • Marine Park & Harbour fee; US$250 per person
  • Fuel Surcharge fee; US$200 per person.
  • Massage US$35/ hour,  Laundry services (US$10/ basket)
  • Nespresso coffee: US$2, beer US$4, wine US$30-50
  • Satellite Wi-Fi US$50 for trip per person.
  • Nitrox; US$20/ diving day or US$7/ fill.

Equipment rental

Diving Gear: Full Set US$50/ diving day (except Large tank) or if individual items then following rates apply per diving day*

  • BCD US$15
  • Regulator US$15
  • Dive Computer US$12
  • Wetsuit US$8
  • Fins, Mask US$5
  • Large Tank US$12
  • Torch* US$12/ night dive.

Diving Gear Items priced per diving day* and is subject to availability.  Note: Torch rental* priced is per night dive.