KM Raja Manta Trip Reports

Feb 17, 2016

Manta Madness in the Similans

So, we have reached the high season for Manta Ray sightings in the Similans!! This trip we were fortunate enough to have some incredible encounters with these underwater giants over multiple dives whilst enjoying stunning conditions above and below the waves!

Joined by a multi-national group of divers from all over the globe we welcomed onboard divers from Korea, Hong Kong,Switzerland, Canada, The USA and Chile. Wherever you are from in the world, diving is one of those sports that brings everyone together, national boundaries are forgotten and life time friendships are formed over a shared love of blowing bubbles underwater!

As we left Tab Lamu Pier on the first night, all thoughts turned to the next four days diving adventures, all the talk over dinner was about one creature, the Manta Ray, would we get lucky and enjoy some Manta Ray action?

We need not have worried, over the first two days of the trip we were all treated to some spectacular Manta Ray action, with many of these beautiful creatures seemingly as interested in us as we were in them. As our divers followed the wise words of our Cruise leader Chris' briefings, staying still and calm and allowing the mantas room to manouvere freely, we were treated to extremely close up encounters, eye contact between diver and fish, memories to be treasured forever, and go pro footage to be shared with friends and family back home!

Whilst the Manta Rays were obviously a huge highlight, it should not be forgotten that there is plenty more to enjoy on our Similan safaris both above and below the waves; beautiful landscapes of granite boulders, pristine jungle, sandstone islands and white sand beaches provide a stunning back drop to the diving adventures in sparkiling blue azure waters. Underwater favourites all spotted on this trip range from the camoflauged critters such as frog fish, leaf scorpionfish, sea horse, and harlequin shrimp to the 'big fish' favourites of Pickhandle, Chevron and Giant Barracuda, Marbled Groupers, Cuttlefish, Black Tip Sharks, Turtles and of course those magnificent Mantas!

Luckily this trip we also had our onboard videographer, Chris G, to document some of the amazing sights and encounters from an amazing couple of days, check out this very breif glimpse of just what an amazing time we had onboard! There are not too many spaces left nboard for this Similan season, so if you want to join us - book now- Better yet book early for next season SImilan Season to avoid dissapointment!!

We look forward to welcoming you onboard soon!

Trip: WMT1519 12-16th Feb 2016
Author: Mike