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Jan 23, 2020

Blue Manta Raja Ampat January 2020

Another stunning journey through the amazing Raja Ampat onboard Blue Manta.

Jun 24, 2019

Welcome to the New White Manta

After an absence of almost three years, the White Manta Diving team have made our long awaited return to Singapore for our extremely popular weekend diving adventures, allowing us to introduce our beautiful new vessel, The New White Manta.


Apr 5, 2018

Saying Goodbye to Raja Ampat again!

As the spring 2018 season comes to an end in Raja Ampat, and we say our final goodbyes to the guests, it dawned upon us that soon it will be time to leave this underwater paradise in West Papua. With each passing trip, conditions continue to improve. 20+ meter visibility, gigantic schools of fishes, and endless critters are now the norm. 

Aug 1, 2017

Sangalaki, Kakaban & Maratua July 2017

KM Raja Manta’s 2017 Sangalaki season will soon be coming to an end, with just two further trips in the area before we return across the Halmahera sea to renew our Raja Ampat & Banda Sea adventures. With time to explore and discover more about this region, guests and crew have enjoyed some spectacular highlights & amazing interactions both above & below the waves here in Sangalaki and this trip, departing from Tg Batu on July 25th would prove again that this dive destination is one not to miss!

May 7, 2017

Lembeh,Bangka,Sangihe Island 29-Apr 06-May-17

For this trip Raja Manta made a cruise to an area where virtually no other boats operate anymore. We used our long term dive masters Anto and Stanny's experience in the Sangihe islands, where they had dived over 7 years ago. The whole region proved to be stunning both above & below the waves, with mighty smoking Volcanoes standing guard over azure blue waters packed with amazing marine life. AFter this trip we cannot wait to return!

May 5, 2017

Blue Manta back to Banda Sea

Crew & guests of Blue Manta have spent another four amazing months in Raja Ampat! As always, we leave this paradise with amazing conditions, crystal clear water in Misool and mantas waving good bye, see you in november...and hop, we re in the deep Banda Sea, where water is so clear, it disappears. We are not scubadiving anymore, we re scubaFLYING

Apr 13, 2017

Raja Ampat; end of season magic!

The KM Blue Manta Raja Ampat 2017 season is coming to an end, all the the dive crew are struggiling to accept it's time to leave as the diving seems to be getting better every trip!!

Apr 2, 2017

Blue Manta Ocean Lovers

Dear ocean lovers, as we near the end of the Raja Ampat high season we can reflect on what has been another magnificent few months here in the heart of the coral triangle! However the season hasn't finished yet!!! The Sun is shining bright now on raja ampat and we are still having as much fun above as below water. 

Mar 15, 2017

Blue Manta Magic in Raja Ampat

The beautiful & luxurious  KM Blue Manta is the perfect vessel from which to explore the wonders of Raja Ampat, our world class crew are ready & waiting to show you the best of this area both above and below the waves. Our ever popular Cruise Leader, Cedric, has an unmatched passion for the area and is waiting to welcome you aboard with open arms!

Read Cedric's trip report from our Recent Blue Manta Trip; BLRA11 departing 04-Mar-17.  Sat-Mon, Blue Manta, Raja Ampat , Misool


Nov 17, 2016

Blue Manta's Banda Sea finale 2016

Blue Manta trip BLAMRA1 6 -17th November; from Ambon through the Banda Sea and Ring of fire and on to the world famous Raja Ampat. This would be our last "crossing trip" of the season before we base ourselves in Sorong for the Raja Ampat high season. As with all this seasons Banda Sea crossings; we were not to be dissapointed!