COVID-19 Travel & Visa Information

White Manta Diving (WMD) Status update:

  • At this time, both WMD vessels are currently NOT in Operation, due to the continuing COVID-19 travel restrictions in place for International guest. Our KM Blue Manta & New White Manta are stationed in Sorong, Indonesia (gateway to Raja Ampat). We are currently making our deciding on the viability of trip departures 60-30 days prior to the trip’s start date, if not before.
  • We are closely monitoring developments from national & local authorities, both with the continued roll out of vaccines & changes to current travel restrictions. See the picture below for a summary of the current border crossing policy as set by the Indonesian Government, or here for a direct link.
  • Ultimately, we are waiting for the official update from the Government of Indonesia, as to when Indonesia will re-open. When we have more information regarding International travel into Indonesia, we will update you and this page accordingly.
  • In the meantime, we have updated our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in line with recommendations from Divers Alert Network (D.A.N), World Health Organisation (W.H.O), and local health authorities. You can view this document here.
  • We ARE still taking bookings, offering our COVID-19 Booking Assurance for all bookings.

Vaccinations / Safe Travel:

  • We are hopeful that the recent good news of multiple successful vaccine programs beginning to roll out across the world, will see International travel open up in 2021, which would allow us to restart our Operations. With regards to testing requirements, it is likely that when International travel does return, those entering Indonesia from abroad will, at a minimum, be required to provide a negative RT/ PCR or Antigen COVID-19 test, however nothing is confirmed as yet.
  • We recommend you contact your local government information services, health clinics and hospitals to make yourself aware of local testing facilities that will be available. You can also visit;. This is a database created by travelers of locations that offer COVID-19 test with fast turnaround times. Visit the site and filter by your location and type of test you require. It is most likely that a negative test result within 72 hours of travel will be required prior to departure.
  • Download App ‘eHAC Indonesia / Health Quarantine MoH Indonesia’ and complete. This will be a mandatory application for any travelers from emerging diseases affected countries or areas. The Indonesian government obligates you to fill out eHAC form as an effort to detect, prevent, and control Public Health Emergencies through Point of Entries (Airports, Seaports, and Ground Crossing Border Posts). You can download via Android, Apple, or directly from Indonesia Ministry of Health website.

Arrival to Indonesia:

  • While Indonesia is still closed to foreign nationals, the Government of Indonesia has created policies and procedures for Domestic guests and those foreign nations, who quality to travel due to exceptions. We can recommend reviewing the following popular Indonesian airline guideline’s from Garuda Indonesia.

Visas for Indonesia:

  • At this time, the Government of Indonesia has suspended Visa Exemptions and Visa on Arrivals. Visa MUST be obtained from your local Indonesian embassy in advance of travel. We strongly recommend you apply well in advance to ensure you obtain your Visa Before Travel. This may change but for now we recommend following the official Ministry of Law & Human Rights guidelines for COVID-19.
  • Note: official Wonderful Indonesia website, normally useful for Visa & General Information have not been updated with regards to COVID-19.


Returning home:

  • With regards to returning to your home country this will depend upon where you live & the requirements sent by your national Government, which may vary from country to country. It is likely that you will have to provide a negative RT/ PCR or Antigen COVID-19 test before travel. We will assist in obtaining this prior to travel. Details to follow.
  • Before travelling, you we would suggest taking advice from your local embassy & ensuring you are familiar with the current exit / entry guidelines set by your home country. Note: rules may change at short notice.
  • Please note that it will be the responsibility of all guests to ensure that they meet the requirements to leave and enter the country of (return) destination. While we will do our best to assist the fulfilment of the requirements is the responsibility of the passenger.

If you have any questions please, please feel free to ask away. Contact us, where we will be happy to help.

New Boarder Crossing Policy of the Government of Indonesia for Foreign Nationals