Mission Statement

We at White Manta are passionate about scuba-diving and preserving the abundant resources that make it so unique. Our goal at White Manta is to transform your dive vacation into an adventure that will educate, inspire, and energize you unlike any other.

Our tours are crafted around our central mission and are designed to engage you in a fulfilling way. We've been asked before how we choose our tours. The answer is simple: we approach our tours as the dive enthusiasts that we are! When we scout for locations, choose tour options or explore the surrounding area for exciting side-tours, we ask ourselves one question: "is this something we would love to do?"

All our tours are environment-sensitive and will provide you with an opportunity to explore the underwater world in a manner that is safe for both our divers as well as the places we dive. 

White Manta is more than just a dive tour company. Join us on Facebook and become part of a community of individuals not only keen on good diving, but preserving underwater environments too. Recommend tours, blog about your journeys, and share pictures and videos with other members.

We value your safety

We believe in not taking risks that could potentially compromise the safety and diving of our guests and crew. That is why our vessels operate on twin engines; so we would still be able to proceed with the cruise should one engine fail.

Furthermore, both the New White Manta and Blue Manta are outfitted with spares of every sector. In addition to the twin engines, they also have twin gensets, three compressors, two anchoring systems, two watermakers, two dinghies plus outboard engines, life rafts and an adequate supply of life jackets for all on board.

Our satellite phones and other communication equipment on both vessels ensure that we remain contactable at all times. We also guarantee quality air for all dives with our state-of-the-art compressor and nitrox clean air systems.