KM Raja Manta Trip Reports

Dec 12, 2016

Raja Manta's premier Raja Ampat Season

In her first season in Indonesia The KM Raja Manta is already firmly established as one of the premier liveaboard's offering dive safaris across the vast Indonesian archipelago. After the adventures of the Banda Sea guests and crew are experiencing some of the regions best diving in the fabulous diving mecca of Raja Ampat


In her first full Indonesian season KM Raja Manta has now been operating in the waters of Raja Ampat for over a month. Whilst the vessel may be new to these waters the crew are vastly experienced and know all the best locations both above and below the waves. If you have previously visited this area on our KM Black Manta you will certaintly recognise most of the boat & dive crew. As you arrive to the boat friendly smiles and happy greetings await you as we prepare to take you on an adventure through one of the regions most beautiful diving destinations.

Once arrived at Sorong Airport our crew will help to transfer you to the awaiting Raja Manta and onward to iconic divesites such as Magic Mountain, Sardine Reef, Mangrove Ridge & Mellissa's Garden. The waters of Raja Ampat offer so many amazing diving opportunities we are spoilt for choice in terms of divesites. Huge schools of fish can be found on almost every dive site, the forward thinking park managment has ensured that marine fauna & flora has flourished in this area, stunning reefs literally pulse with life, everywhere you look underwater there is a new suprise to be found!

During the first few weeks of the season we have had many amazing Manta Ray encounters, plenty of Shark sightings, the infamous Wobbegong lies inwait on many sites and the enigmatic pygmy seahorse can be found by the diver with a keen eye (don't worry our guides will help to show you where they hide!) However the highlight for most divers is simply the bountiful amount of life to be found throughout the park. It really is a delight to see so many large schools of fish enjoying the benefit of these protected reefs. In an age where the world's coral reefs are under increased pressure it is also heartening to see coral reefs in such rude health. The corals here in Raja Ampat have been proven to be more resistant to the higher sea temperatures damaging so many reefs across the world. Huge table corals, Acropora, Porites & Scleractinia Coral heads dominate many of the reefs, providing safe haven for the multitudes of marine fauna that abound here.

This truly is a divers paradise, come and see for yourself, book a trip with us.. we can't wait to welcome you onboard.

Trip: Raja Manta in Raja Ampat Dec 2016
Author: Mike