KM Raja Manta Trip Reports

Sep 7, 2012

Anambas Islands & Jack Rock, 7-9 Sep 2012

Although it seems like only yesterday since the White Manta returned to Singapore, amazingly, we’ve been back for over two months! As usual we have been running our weekend trips to Tioman and Anambas islands sometimes including the Seven Skies and Igara wrecks. A big thank you to all of our guests who have joined us so far this year, it is always a pleasure to have you aboard and a privilege to enjoy some fantastic weekend diving with you all!

This weekend the crew and guests of MV White Manta set sail for the Anambas islands for another memorable weekend of diving. Known for its crystal clear blue waters and stunningly healthy and vibrant hard coral reefs; ‘Tokong Malangbiru’ would be our first port of call.

After setting sail from TMFT, indulging in some delicious Thai food and unwinding over a few glasses of wine we settled in for the overnight sail that would take us away from the bustling metropolis of Singapore to a tropical diving paradise far removed from the worries and pressures of Singapore life.

Malangbiru did not disappoint; with gentle currents and excellent visibility the island provided the perfect backdrop for a relaxed check out dive, so good indeed, we decided to dive there for the second dive. With a number of black tip reef sharks in the shallows, a couple of turtles making an appearance, along with squid, moray eels, nudibranchs and some frenetic schools of jacks and fusiliers  no one wanted to leave!

Next up: Batu Katoaka. A large, sprawling submerged seamount, Katoaka is absolutely covered in coral life. Huge table corals and large coral rock bommies dominate the topography here, the water is so clear and the coral life so colourful it’s simply a pleasure to allow the current to push you along the rock taking in the breath-taking scenery. Schools of longfin batfish often attach themselves to groups of divers for some excellent photo opportunities, whilst large giant morays lurk under rocks and ledges, cautiously watching groups of divers pass overhead, numerous schools of fusiliers and jacks add to the colour and bring the entire divesite to life. 

We ended the day back at Malangbiru, a spot of late afternoon snorkelling with the black-tip sharks and a great night dive provided a fantastic end to the days’ water based activities..... the eating and drinking went on just a little longer!

Sunday was a day dedicated to Jack Rock. It is not unusual to dive this site in visibility less than 3m so to turn up and find visibility in excess of 12m is a treat not to be missed! There is so much life at this site, from bamboo sharks and stingrays to pipefish and nudibranchs, large or small, there is something for every diver to enjoy, and two superb dives here provided a fitting end to a really enjoyable weekend of diving. Of course the trip didn’t end there, with a seven hour sail back to Singapore there is plenty of time to enjoy a massage, read a good book, watch a movie, partake of a few afternoon drinks, or just fall asleep!

Whilst most of the guests onboard this trip enjoyed the usual liveaboard schedule of dive, eat, sleep, and repeat, the staff here at White Manta would like to acknowledge and send congratulations to those few dedicated divers who took the opportunity to develop their diving education and fill their valuable surface intervals with study, reading, knowledge reviews and exams! Lailani , Charles and Joanne all completed their Advanced Open Water over the weekend; WeiJun Ong took on the challenge of becoming a nitrox diver (along with Charlie and Joanne-again!) So well done guys!

We were also overjoyed to welcome Marilyn to the White Manta diving family as she completed her PADI Open Water course with us! Big well done to you Marilyn – we hope to see you underwater again soon!

Farewell to Andreas Kamm - without Dorothea this time. They and son Xavier are moving to Switzerland. They have been amongst our most regular and much loved guests – we wish them luck and hope they can visit us again in the future.

As usual thanks to all our guests, it’s always a pleasure to have you onboard – we can’t wait to see you onboard again soon – remember only a few weeks left in Singapore – so book on another weekend soon before we head back to Thailand!!!!!