KM Raja Manta Trip Reports

Apr 21, 2014

WMGFD 17-20 Apr 2014 - Easter holiday weekend to Anambas Islands

MV White Manta is back in Singapore! After a busy ADEX weekend - the boat was ready to embark on the seasons' opening trip to Anambas!

Superb diving conditions welcomed back MV White Manta to the South China Sea.

Fancying an early start we elected to start our cruise at Tokong Malangbiru. Last time we were here our divers were treated to manta rays and whale sharks!

It was a great start to see dolphins during the cruise as well as some pelagic sea snakes!

The corals at Malangbiru are still absolutely stunning and throughout the three dives we enjoyed here this weekend were interesting marine creatures including turtles, cuttlefish, bumphead parrotfish, black-tip reef sharks, schooling jacks & barracudas and some very curious batfish.

We conducted a night dive at Pulau Damar and the next morning concentrated 2 dives at the nearby Seven Skies wreck. Two of our most popular divers; Brian Clarke and Penny Gate saw a Manta Ray on their second dive. Other divers reported impressive schools of jacks and tunas, barracudas and many batfish.

Batu Kataoka was up next and offered a nice relaxing drift dive. Further sightings of black-tips were reported - I saw one too!

We finished the penultimate day back at Malangbiru - it was lovely in the evening light. We enjoyed an early supper; our cook Memm was given a raptuous applause for yet another mouth-watering spread.

The last day of of the dive safari culminated in a couple of dives at the immensely popular Igara wreck. As always the fish were everywhere! Diving conditions were very good throughout; and we were reminded as such as we sailed back to Nongsa Point Marina in Batam under a cloud of rain.

Special mentions go to Kathlyn Tan who completed her PADI Rescue Diver course during the trip; and to Ang Bee Peng (Bee) who improved her experience with the PADI Advanced Open Water certification. Further certifications were awarded to family of three: Daniel, Liau & Rona Soong along with Stefan Beukeveld. Samarpita Deb (Sam) got into the water for the first time! It was a good experience and has convinced her to take the PADI Open Water Diver course in the near future.

Thanks to the DMs: Thomas, Dave, Andy, Liam, Vincent & Michael and the excellent Thai crew - particularly our new members some of whom were departing on a South China Sea cruise for the first time.

Trip: WMGFD 17-20 Apr 2014
Author: Christopher Hutton