KM Raja Manta Trip Reports

Feb 14, 2015

WMT 20 Similan Islands Mantatastic!

Brazil, The United States of America, Canada, Germany, Japan and Korea.. this week’s multi national diving group again hailed from all corners of the globe, and what an amazing dive safari we were all to enjoy, as yet again the guests and crew of White Manta were lucky enough to dive with not one but two beautiful giant mantas at Koh Bon, here in the Similan Islands, Thailand!


After a couple of stunning dives around islands 5 and 7 in the Similan national marine park all our guests were enjoying the beautiful scenery above and below the waves in Thailand’s premier dive destination, The Similan national marine park. The weather was simply perfect, crystal clear blue water, excellent diving and surface intervals spent on powdery white sand beaches, a divers paradise.. and we were only half way through the first day! 


Things were about to get even better however as we motored towards the island of Koh Bon. The infamous dive site ‘West Ridge’ laid in wait for our eager divers, sometimes a hotspot for Giant Manta rays, the anticipation onboard built and built as the stunning island came into view. As we arrived at the dive site we realised we would have the site to ourselves as two other boats already present at the site were just ending their dives, perfect! On entry it was clear that the ridge was living up to it’s reputation for being a ‘current rich’ area, a powerful water movement was sweeping across the underwater mountain range that often provides some of the best diving of the safari, however the current was all but forgotten as within a few minutes of the dive we spotted a huge manta ray gliding into view! From that point onward every diver on our boat was able to take up a position on the reef protected from the current and enjoy the sight of this incredible creature for more than an hour!!!


It is critical, when enjoying a manta dive, that divers follow the rules of an interaction that neither disturbs or chases away the animal. Too often a manta interaction is spoilt by divers getting over excited and chasing away the manta, trying to get close or even touch the manta only results in frustration and disappointment for everyone in the water. Every diver onboard MV White Manta followed our Manta interaction rules as set out in our dive briefing, No Chasing, No Touching, Stay Low, Stay Calm and let the manta dictate how close he/she wants to be to the divers. With every diver behaving perfectly the Manta was comfortable, relaxed and clearly enjoyed it’s cleaning session whilst every now and again sweeping over and next to our divers, seemingly enjoying checking us out as much as we were enjoying watching him!!!


You can enjoy a taste of this Manta Interaction on youtube or our facebook page at this link…


The superb conditions and incredible diving continued for the next three days, complemented by an amazing menu, superb company, beautiful weather and happy faces! It really is the perfect time to come dive in the Similans… isn’t it time you booked your trip!?