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Jan 5, 2016

Blue Manta Magic!

As repeat customers who have been on the old White Manta, New White Manta and Black Manta, Blue Manta is definitely in a class of its own.

We were definitely awed by the spaciousness and size of the room. The fact that the upper deck room can accommodate a king-sized bed and still have sufficient space for luggage and floor area for us to roll around is a welcomed feature. While we don’t really spend that much time in the room, space is still an enjoyable luxury.

While this trip operated at full capacity,it didn’t feel like the boat was crowded as there was enough nooks and corners on the 3 decks (sun, upper and main) for everyone to find their little space of privacy. After being on all 3 boats, I can safely say that the sun deck on the Blue Manta is my favourite given the spacious, fixed position double sunbeds and ample chairs for relaxing. Also, given the amount of sunlight while on open waters, a roof that provides shade for the length of the sundeck is a great feature – I no longer have to content with others for shade space on the sun deck.

We also loved the individual rinse tanks and very pleased with the spaciousness and facilities of the camera room. Enough space and power points for everyone to sort out their equipment comfortably.

As for the diving, Mimpi was an awesome guide and we thoroughly enjoyed his dive guides. He was professional, helpful and friendly and knew how to look out for critters while being patient with the photographers and provided help when required. It is such a wonderful feeling to just put on our wetsuit and walk into the dingy without having to carry anything before or after the dive. I doubt we can ever go back to land trips where we have to lug our own dive equipment ever again.

Dive sites are fantastic, marine life is rich, dive guides are all professional and dives were smooth sailing, We also love, as always, Cedric’s 3D dive briefings and use of random items for illustrative purposes!


Trip: Blue Manta 6-16 Dec 16 Ambon – Bandar Sea – Misool – Raja Ampat
Author: Elaine Soon