Trip Reports

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Mar 17, 2017

Raja Manta 10-17th March Raja Ampat trip.

March is arguably when Raja Ampat’s marine life really peaks. This time of year can bring some quite heavy plankton blooms but this plankton along with the strong currents & upwellings that feed the area are the lifeblood of Raja Ampat and one of the main reasons it is so very rich in marine life & bio-diversity. These conditions also encourage plenty of big fish & marine megastars!

Mar 15, 2017

Blue Manta Magic in Raja Ampat

The beautiful & luxurious  KM Blue Manta is the perfect vessel from which to explore the wonders of Raja Ampat, our world class crew are ready & waiting to show you the best of this area both above and below the waves. Our ever popular Cruise Leader, Cedric, has an unmatched passion for the area and is waiting to welcome you aboard with open arms!

Read Cedric's trip report from our Recent Blue Manta Trip; BLRA11 departing 04-Mar-17.  Sat-Mon, Blue Manta, Raja Ampat , Misool


Dec 12, 2016

Raja Manta's premier Raja Ampat Season

In her first season in Indonesia The KM Raja Manta is already firmly established as one of the premier liveaboard's offering dive safaris across the vast Indonesian archipelago. After the adventures of the Banda Sea guests and crew are experiencing some of the regions best diving in the fabulous diving mecca of Raja Ampat


Nov 17, 2016

Blue Manta's Banda Sea finale 2016

Blue Manta trip BLAMRA1 6 -17th November; from Ambon through the Banda Sea and Ring of fire and on to the world famous Raja Ampat. This would be our last "crossing trip" of the season before we base ourselves in Sorong for the Raja Ampat high season. As with all this seasons Banda Sea crossings; we were not to be dissapointed!

Sep 27, 2016

Blue Manta in the Ring of Fire

Bluemanta is cruising all year round in the beautiful seas of the indonesian archipelago, but no other route gives a sense of adventure and discovery as much as our CROSSING trips in the vast and deep BANDA SEA.

Sep 21, 2016

Hammertime onboard the Raja Manta

It’s that time of year again, Hammertime! Every year as the Komodo season comes to an end the thoughts and dreams of our guests and crew turn to the allure of the magical, remote and beautiful Banda Sea. Filled with highlights both above and below the waves, guests from all over the world come to enjoy amazing sunsets, stunning Volcanic islands, clear blue waters, thriving coral reefs, diverse marine life and, of course, the chance to encounter huge schools of scalloped hammerheads which can be found in these waters in massive numbers. Over the last few seasons we have had great success in locating the hammers, but of course nothing in nature is guaranteed and so as the first Banda sea trip of the season begun, one question hung in the air… would we enjoy a spectacular “hammertime?” This year, for the first time, the trip would be onboard our KM Raja Manta (previously the White Manta) – recently renamed and relocated to Indonesia this would be her maiden voyage – and so hopes were high for a spectacular trip.

Sep 14, 2016

Blue Manta Komodo showdown

This was the last trip in 2016 for KM Blue Manta in Komodo. We welcomed a group of young divers from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Western Australia. This group was assembled by Ravin (pictured 3rd from left) - whom had joined a couple of our trips in Raja Ampat previously.

Jul 26, 2016

White Manta in Tioman 22nd-24th July 2016

As our 2016 Singapore season gets closer to it’s conclusion it’s easy to look back and marvel at how time truly does fly by! Throughout these past few months the WM Dive crew & our guests have had the privilege to enjoy some fantastic diving in both Malaysia and Indonesia, with conditions being better than average on every trip, of course the great company inbetween and after dives has also been out of this world!

May 25, 2016

Blue Manta is back in Komodo

Bluemanta is back in Komodo and it is so goooooooood! Guests and dive crew alike are enjoying plenty of Mantas from North to South, Frogfishes, Sharks, clear water, and of course the famous Komodo Dragons on the beach. This trip we could hear our guests saying waowwwwww during everydive thanks to their fullface masks

May 10, 2016

Sorong to Saumlaki crossing trip

From the very first day, welcoming our guests onboard the beautiful KM Blue Manta, it was clear that anticipation levels were high amongst dive staff and guests alike! Everyone was excitied to be embarking upon a true diving trip of a life time. Diving and wish list sightings dominated every conversation as all thoughts of the real world receeded and thoughts turned only to what mysteries the blue would reveal on this special crossing trip from Sorong to Saumlaki exploring the remote and exotic 'Forgotten Islands.'