Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any extra fees to pay onboard?
Can I request a larger (15 litre) tank?
Do you give group discounts?
Do you have any tanks with a DIN valve?
Do you provide Nitrox fills?
Does the trip price include insurance coverage?
Is Insurance included?
Is there a camera rinse tank?
Is there a massage service?
Is there Oxygen onboard?
Is there power onboard for battery charging?
What is provided during the trip?


Indonesia (KM Blue Manta and KM Raja Manta) not including South China Sea

Are there any activities on board for non-diver?
Can I book my own domestic flight to Sorong or I need to book through agents?
For Komodo cruise, do you include South Komodo? 
For Raja Ampat Cruise, do you visit Misool? 
How do I fly to Komodo to join Blue Manta?
How do I fly to Raja Ampat to join Blue Manta or Raja Manta?
How long my passport have to be valid to enter Indonesia?
If we arrive one day before trip, can we check into Black Manta?
Is diving insurance needed?
Is there diving on the first day?
Is there Laundry service on Black Manta?
Is there phone reception throughout the trip?
Is there VISA upon arrival facility?
What is the best and convenient way to fly to Sorong?
What is your ticketing Indonesia agents contact?
What kind of meals are served onboard the MV Black Manta?
What time do we need to arrive on first day?
Where is the nearest Recompression chamber in Indonesia?


Derawan, Sangalaki. Kakaban, & Maratua (KM Raja Manta) May - Aug

How far is from Tarakan airport to MV White Manta?
How far is the sailing time from Tarakan to dive sites?
How to get to Tarakan?
What is the different diving on MV White Manta and Resort?
What is the main highlight of these places?
Which airline fly to Tarakan?
Which dive sites and islands will we be diving at?


Singapore Season (KM Raja Manta) Apr - Oct

Can we do Technical diving on your trips?
Do I need my passport to board your boats?
Do you run trips to HMS Repulse and HMS Prince Of Wales?
I am an open water diver. Can I join the Anambas trip?
I am an open water diver. Can I join the Tioman/ Aur?trips?
Is a hotel pick-up provided?
Is diving gear included during trip?
Is there phone reception throughout the Anambas, Tioman & Aur trips?
What are the dive sites covered in a normal 2 days itinerary?
What are the prices for 100% 02 and Helium?
What kind of meals are served onboard the MV White Manta?
What time do the boats sail?
Where do the boats depart from in Singapore?
Where is the nearest Recompression Chamber in Singapore?